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Alex Malek


Wellness Check: New Additions to My Routine

This summer, I’m challenging myself. And it’s been a minute since I’ve challenged myself in terms of health and fitness. It’s not that I’ve been unhealthy, but I guess I’ve been content with my fitness routine? The past two years have involved SO much change in other areas of my life (moving, traveling, relationships, etc.) that I didn’t need one more change or challenge, ha!

However, a few months ago, I began to experience a noticeable drop in my energy levels. I wasn’t feeling as good as I knew I should be. So recently I’ve been experimenting with a few different additions in terms of health + fitness, and they have been bringing me back to life!

Just Thrive Supplements

A few months ago I committed to consistently taking vitamins and supplements and I have loved every single one of the supplements from Just Thrive!! I swear my digestion has been SO much better. We all know that when our digestive system isn’t happy, it can throw everything else off. If your diet has been a little less than perfect lately or if you’re not feeling as energetic or refreshed as usual, you need to try THIS probiotic because it’s different from the rest! It’s the only retail-available probiotic containing the propriety, Bacillus Indicus HU36- which produces antioxidants in the digestive system. It’s 100% spore-based, meaning that it is guaranteed to arrive 100% alive in your gut and has 1000x better survivability than other probiotics. You can use code ALEX for 15% off your order!


I’m not about to lie and tell you I’m meal-prepping 14 meals on a Sunday. No ma’am. But I am cooking WAY more than I used to. Ava eats anything so it’s easy to cook when I have her, but my goal has been to cook breakfast every day during the week (instead of having a Starbucks breakfast sandwich) and cook dinner two times a week. Two might sound like nothing, but considering I was cooking zero times a week, I’d call that progress! On the days I’m not cooking for dinner I’m either out, eating snap kitchen, or ordering from cava or sweetgreen (there are honestly so many healthy takeout options in Dallas which is incredible!)

Workout twice a day (3 times a week)

Running is still my favorite workout, but adding in workout classes has made a huge difference for me. I’ve been loving Pilates and Barre lately and taking classes with friends. My goal is to take 3 workout classes a week in ADDITION to running every day! I was inspired by 75hard, a program that requires two daily workouts for a period of 75 days. So three times a week I try to workout twice a day! It’s definitely not convenient lol. But when I stick to it I notice a huge difference in my energy level and focus.

Cheers to feeling our best! 🥂✨👏

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