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#1 Tip for When You Have No Idea What To Wear

It’s so funny how I style outfits all day long but when I need to get ready in a pinch I literally stare at my closet for 25 minutes and feel like I have nothing to wear. I straight BLANK. Which in turn causes us to be late to wherever we are going, and then Andrew and I end up arguing in the car. We’ve all been there. Tell me you’ve been there?!

The underlying issue is that I KNOW how good I feel when I am wearing a well put together outfit, and I can not stand to wear something that doesn’t fit well. I am a firm believer in this:

If you’re going to spend your money on clothes and take the time to get ready, everything you wear should feel like it’s your favorite!

My trick for this is a little bit of inspiration. When I am standing in my closet with that “I have no idea what to wear” feeling, I grab my phone or computer and either read a fashion blog, check Pinterest, or watch one or two try-ons. While this works every time, I have recently been doing something a bit different! Keep reading.

Ruthie Grace seems to be the place that everyone is talking about now. I think it’s something about their weekly new arrival videos on Instagram that has everyone HOOKED. It’s one quick video with 30+ outfits and it gives me more outfit inspiration than I could ever ask for! Not only do I do watch these videos once they go live, but I also find myself rewatching them when I am standing in my closet and I don’t know what to wear. There’s something about these videos, you guys! The combination of the music with the outfit will make you more excited to get dressed than you thought possible, ha! As soon as I watch it I’m like “Okay, yes this is SO fun! This is why I love fashion!!”

Today I have a few outfits with pieces from Ruthie Grace that I HAD to grab after watching their videos 😉 I styled these pieces differently than they did to give you a few different ideas on how you could style them. I’ll share the full try-on on my Instagram Stories and it will be saved to my Ruthie Grace story highlights HERE.

If you’re a first time customer, you can use code ALEX20 for 20% off everything from Ruthie Grace!

#1 Delicate Leopard Side Zip

Leopard Side Zip

I would say this is more of a blouse than sweater because the material is SO beautiful, you guys! It has a slightly sheer look to it which gives it the most delicate effect. While I wouldn’t usually use the word delicate to describe leopard print, this side-zip top was designed with faded grey, soft ivory, and light pink colors which make it my top pick.

#2 The Wren Sweater

Wren Sweater in Lime (See the rest of the colors HERE)

I couldn’t be more excited to let you know this sweater is back in stock and only $24 with my code, you won’t believe it, but this sweater literally feels like a designer sweater. The quality is unreal for the price point and you will DIE when you feel how soft it is. It’s longer in the front so you easily style it with leggings for an athleisure look. I am wearing a size S/M in the lime color. This $24 find comes in TEN colors, you can see all 10 of them HERE.

#3 Neutral Cropped Sweater + GG Belt

Striped Cropped Sweater (See it in grey HERE) | GG Belt

Before we talk about the sweater I need to bring your attention to this belt because it is the best I’ve ever found! With my code, this belt is $16. Sixteen dollars, you guys. Sixteen dollars. I’m about to grab another one in white to wear in spring.

Okay, the sweater- You know I love cropped sweaters more than anything because they are the best way to give you that comfy look, without overpowering you because they flatter your waist. I love the neutral colors on this one because they can be worn with almost anything and the crew neckline is so on-trend right now! Also available in grey HERE.

Ruthie Grace has new arrivals EVERY Thursday which you can see HERE. Code ALEX20 will get you 20% off all of these pieces and their new arrivals!

So next time you don’t know what to wear, grab your phone and you will find plenty of inspiration. Oh, and this week’s new arrivals video from Ruthie Grace is SO good you will love it 🙂

All my love,


Photography: Beatbox Portraits

This post was created in a collaboration with Ruthie Grace. All selections and opinions are my own.

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