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5 Looks To Try This October

As you know, we recently moved so all our new neighbors are still strangers to me! Ha, but earlier this week I took Ava for a walk and I met the cutest woman. She was on her way to her mailbox when she stopped to ask a question, “Excuse me, are you wearing pink for breast cancer awareness??”

Bless her heart.

“Um… I mean, I just wear pink a lot, but sure! Is today breast cancer awareness or something??”

She responded so sweetly, “It’s October 1st dear, the entire month is breast cancer awareness!”

I stared at her for a full 10 seconds, completely confused. It’s October?!? Are you sure?? No, no, no I am not ready for October!!

The sweet women tried to make me feel less awkward by reassuring me “It’s easy to lose track of the days when you’re taking care of a baby”.


Talk about the worst first impression. Anyway, October is here! If you’re like me and in need of a little inspiration for the season, I have a few new looks that will definitely get you excited!

All of these looks were created with pieces from the new fall collection from BuddyLove, which is the brand that everyone is talking about now. However, I have been wearing this brand for YEARS, you guys! So I can truly speak to the quality of this brand. I promise you that you will not be able to find pieces like these anywhere else, and I love them for it. (AKA this is not like so many other online boutiques, selling you that same dress you keep seeing everywhere) The founders of BuddyLove design all of these pieces, and they are always flattering and made with the most luxe material + chic prints!

As always, I will post the try-on to stories on my Instagram. Let me know which look is your favorite!

The Burnout Mini Dress.

The rose gold vibes on this dress are giving me all the feels!! I paired it here with a pair of heels for date night, but I am dying to wear it with booties + a high ponytail with statement earrings for a more casual look.

Fall Romper.

You know I am so here for the fall rompers. This one is 50% off and too cute with a fedora! The waist is elasticized so no belt is needed, but I threw one on anyway for a little extra kick. 😉

Bell Sleeved Leopard.

This top is lightweight, making it the perfect transition piece. I wore it with my favorite Good American jeans (currently 40% off). I found the length of the top to be perfect and the fit to be quite flattering!

The Hall Dress.

This dress comes in a few different prints and I love it for Thanksgiving! When I wore it, I loved the movement of the sleeves which feels both Boho + feminine. I paired it with THE BEST over the knee boots you will ever find! They are made-to-order and the quality is unbelievable. You can get the boots for 40% off with code PREFALL 🙂

Tied Shoulder Mini.

I shared this dress a few weeks ago in the ‘affordable finds’ post, but I had to mention it again because I CANNOT STOP WEARING IT. This exact dress is 50% off in two other colors, so you know I ordered this one. 😉

With all these bold prints, I challenge you to try a new look for your next night out this October. 🙂 You will love it!

All my love,


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