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Best Starbucks Drink + Loft Sale

Tank | Shorts | Earrings| Necklace (Use code ALEX15 for 15% off)| Sunglasses

Before we talk about the sale, I need to tell you about this Starbucks drink. Come noon, I crave it daily and have no shame. I ordered it for the first time a few weeks ago and I have ordered it too many times since! And no, this is not your average pink drink. This is the pink drink, with extra coconut milk. Simple I know, but the extra coconut milk makes all the difference. Try it, trust me.

Also, since I have posted quite a few times about Loft, I should let you know that Loft does NOT pay me to post about them! Lol! I just genuinely love this store. I mean I really love it. Like, the people that work in the store recognize me when I walk in now. It might be a problem, #itsfine.

That being said, I clearly enjoy shopping in-store. However, I MUCH prefer to shop online with Loft because they have a lot of items that are online exclusive, like this tank that I am wearing in the pictures. So when Loft offers free shipping on all orders and 40-60% off everything, it is music to my ears!! You must check out their beach collection if you haven’t already. This dress this from it and I literally wear it twice a week! It’s so good!! I am adding a few new favorites below (just ordered THIS!) as well as everything from my past try-ons. I have the try-ons saved to my highlights if you missed it, and you can also see this post!

Go order yourself a pink drink with extra coconut milk, girl!! And, have a great July 4th weekend!!

All my love,


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