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Christmas Card Photos 2020

As everyone is prepping family photos and ordering their Christmas Cards, I thought it might be helpful to share ours with you!

Family photos (or really any photos with Ava lol) are so near and dear to my heart! The main reason being that I want Ava to have these photos to look back on one day. I’m sure my parents thought nothing of it when they took photos of me as a child but you guys- I TREASURE the photos of me and my dad now. Seriously, I treasure them!!

Side note: I know how stressful the day of family photos can be with kids. Ava was in THE WORST mood when we took these photos, I feel your pain! But I can’t tell you how happy I am that we did it. There entire shoot took less than 30 minutes, totally worth it!

We used Kristen Dee for our photographer and she killed it! As for location, she actually shot all of these photos in our backyard and that makes them feel so special for some reason. Pandemic nor or not, we just had to make it happen and it all worked out!

I actually just ordered our Christmas Cards from Minted last night! I’ll share them with you on stories when they arrive! 🙂 You can browse their holiday cards HERE.

Oh, and about our outfit selections. Well everything is coordinated around Andrew’s look (for the first time ever lol). His entire outfit is from Mizzen + Main and he REALLY wanted to wear this. So I was like “okay I guess it can be your turn!” ha, but I actually love how it turned out! Ava’s dress was a gift from sister-in-law, Amanda! I can’t find it online but HOW CUTE would this dress be for family photos?!

Our outfits are linked below!

If you’re looking for more Christmas Card design tips- READ THIS

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