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Dining Room Reveal

Welcome to our formal dining room! This is a project that I swore I wouldn’t get to for at least 5 years. I mean why have a formal dining room for a family of 3, right? Well, because of the light fixture. Yup, the chandelier.

Let’s back up for a moment. You’ve seen the movie Sex and the City right?? The one where Carrie decides to have a huge wedding because “the dress upped the ante”? Well, A little over a year ago (when we were in full quarantine/ home renovation mode) I stumbled across this chandelier online.. and well.. it upped the ante.

The Chandelier

It was one of those love at first sight moments. Granted, I’m the girl that gets more excited for a HomeGoods run than a beach vacation, but I still never thought I would fall in ACTUAL love with a light fixture. But it’s love.

Some of the best advice I received when during the home renovation was “remember that the lighting is the jewelry of the house”, and I think it’s so true!! It can elevate and change the entire look of a room! Our exact chandelier is the Lily Pendant from Corbett Lighting. Because it’s literally a work of art, (each flower is hand-crafted from porcelain, you guys!) it makes for a great conversation piece and makes the entire space feel unique and magical. 🙂 I LOVE IT.

The Dining Table

After selling our dark wood dining set, I dreamed about this ivory dining table and chairs from Miranda Kerr’s Collection with Universal Furniture. (I discovered this line back when we designed our family room and it is amazing!!) At the time, the table was on a 3-month backorder and I didn’t want to wait!! But after searching everywhere- I discovered that it’s nearly impossible to find an ivory dining table! l So I ended up going with my original choice and I’m so glad I did! It’s PERFECT was 100% worth the wait!!

The Art

Framed in the most-chic gold bamboo, the Chinoiserie Panels are from another favorite, Lauren Haskell Designs. Let me brag about her for one moment: You guys, the number of compliments I’ve already received on these are ridiculous and I feel so silly accepting any credit I’m like “oh, thanks but it’s really not me!! Everything she designs is so gorgeous!!” lol! 100% of the credit goes to Lauren Haskell, herself!

I have them in the blush color, but they are available in a ton of colors (the sky blue is stunning!!). You can shop them all HERE.

The buffet and acrylic bar cart are both from Wayfair! I love how the pattern on the buffet matches our family room cabinet.

In terms of the accessories, it’s a mix of new and old items. The majority of the ginger jars are a collection of HomeGoods finds- I swear these things follow me home! (they’re in every room of the house) The pink and leopard ginger jars are from Lo Home and are one of my favorite decorations to date.

The rug, which used to be in our bedroom, is from amazon and we’ve had it for almost 5 years!

The last touch was the drapes (also from amazon) and shutters, which we installed ourselves over the weekend! I actually feel like I should write an entire post on window treatments because there is so much to know if you’re doing it yourself- but it was so easy and tied the entire room together!!

Thank you for joining us on this journey through our home renovation process! This room was so much fun to put together- and I’m just so excited we have a space where we can share meals with family and friends for years to come!

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