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Father’s Day Gift Idea That Any Guy Will Love

Would you like to know how many times my husband goes shopping for clothing in a typical year? Zero. Z-E-R-O. The few times I’ve managed to convince Andrew to go shopping it is a STRUGGLE, you guys. From the second we walk into a store you can literally see the life drain out of him, lol! We go to 5 stores, he tries on 50+ different pieces of clothes, hates all of them, and then we end up fighting because we’re both tired and hungry. Ha, it’s never a good time!

No matter the holiday or celebration, Andrew always asks for clothes (ya know, to avoid shopping). So today I want to share with you the brand I’ve been buying for Andrew for years. A brand that he now tells everyone about like it’s his JOB. Now keep in mind, Andrew really doesn’t ever ask for anything! But if he is given the option, this is always it!

Back when we were engaged, I ordered a few shirts from Mizzen + Main and he instantly LOVED loved the material. I’ll never forget the first time he tried it on “Babe, these shirts are LEGIT. They feel like workout clothes!”

A few years later, Andrew has managed to convert every guy in his office to wearing these shirts. To this day, he’s still asking for these shirts for every occasion! If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Mizzen + Main delivers menswear made of performance material with a four-way stretch, so your guy will be comfortable all day!

Side note: As I’m writing this I asked Andrew what he likes most about these shirts and he says, “they save money because I don’t have to dry clean them.” Haha!

A few other reasons that makes this brand stand out:

  • Moisture-wicking performance fabric (Sweat-proof and breathable)
  • Machine washable (Easy-care, no dry clean)
  • Wrinkle-resistant (no iron needed)
  • Four-way stretch (comfortable all day)

If you do the laundry in your home, you literally can’t mess these shirts up! No dry cleaning. No ironing. No sweat stains. No wrinkles. And they last FOREVER.

With free two-day shipping through June 17th, you can get anything on the site in time for Father’s Day. I’m rounding up my top picks from Mizzen + Main below!

Dress shirts are now $95 each with purchase of 2 or more with code MAINMAN

The Leeward Dress Shirt

This material is the original dress shirt that I ordered Andrew years ago. Its their most popular performance fabric. The Leeward is a crisp lightweight fabric that uses moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool!

The Lightweight Leeward Dress Shirt

This is the most recent release from Mizzen+Main, and Andrew says it’s his favorite! This shirt he is wearing in the photos is from this collection and its super lightweight. To be exact, it’s 19% lighter than the original Leeward shirt. It’s ultra-soft and amazing for warmer weather (aka summer in Texas!)

The Spinnaker Dress Shirt

If I had to pick a favorite, this would be it because this fabric makes ME want to wear it! Lol! It’s a knit material that is sooo soft and stretchy. The Spinnaker is actually the very first fabric released from Mizzen + Main, and what put them on the map!

As always, I’ll share a better look on my Instagram stories later today! I hope you have a great start to your week!

All my love,


This post was created in a collaboration with Mizzen+Main. All selections + opinions are my own.

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