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Freshly Picked Diaper Bag Review

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I am SOOO excited that this bag is on sale right now because I have been DYING to share it. Before I get into the details of why I love it, let us take a step back so I can tell you the prelude of how I came to find this wonderful bag…

When I was pregnant I researched allllll the baby items and mom products. And when I say I researched them, I read and compared reviews like it was my job. For hours on end. Even though people relentlessly told me that I would never be able to truly prepare for a baby… I wanted to prepare as much as I could. Lol!

Anyway, when it came to finding a diaper bag I could NOT find one I liked no matter how many reviews I read. Why? Well, can we just have an honest moment and say that most diaper bags are fugly not that cute? After ordering a diaper bag or four from Buy Buy Baby, I returned them all because I just did not like them. And then.. in a moment of weakness and frustration, I fell hard for the designer diaper bags. This led me to buy a pricey designer nylon diaper tote. It looked beautiful, but there was little organization and it was not functional. So then, I bought a diaper bag insert organizer that I could put in one of my favorite totes. This insert was okay, but I still wasn’t in love with the whole situation. At this point, this whole diaper bag thing had become such a THING and I was so over it!

One day, just about the time I was completely over it, I went to Walgreens with Ava and my very frustrating diaper bag tote. I was waiting in line to purchase some Tylenol (I had a horrible case of mastitis) when I noticed THE CUTEST mom I have ever seen standing in front of me with her two babies and her Freshly Picked Diaper Bag. I had seen this bag in-store but I had never seen someone wearing it. Well friends, I instantly fell in love with it. I hurried home, ordered it, and checked my front door every day until it arrived.

I’ve had this diaper bag for two months now and I am still SO obsessed with it! It is THE BEST, you guys!! Here are a few reasons I love it:

  1. Top handle. Top handles are beyond convenient and make it so much easier to just grab and go.
  2. Fully lined inside. Which means easily wipeable surfaces people. Hallelujah.
  3. Roomier pockets. Goodness knows I don’t pack light – ever. Not only does this diaper bag have 10 pockets, these pockets feel quite a bit roomier compared to other diaper bags. Also, the material they’re made out of seems to allow for more stretch and give compared to other diaper bags I’ve seen, which equates to being able to stuff more inside of them.
  4. Beautiful metal detailing. The gold zipper, detailing, and hardware gives this bag an ultra-luxe look. Also, the metal feet on the bottom allow the bag to stand without falling over and never touch the floor. Score.
  5. It’s pink. So duh. But if you’re not a pink person.. don’t worry this bag comes in a ton of different colors. The butterscotch color is beautiful and looks so chic. Also, love the birch color.
  6. Comes with a changing pad. Which I always use. The changing pad is made out of nylon so you can easily wipe it clean.
  7. Convertible, so can be worn as a shoulder bag too. I haven’t worn it as a shoulder bag yet, simply because I like to wear it as a backpack, and then I carry my cross-body purse for my things, which allows my hands to stay free (or carry Ava;)) But, it is nice to have the option to wear it as shoulder bag should I one day have the desire to.

Freshly Picked is having their semi-annual sale right now and this bag is included! Currently, you can up to 30% (depending on the color) AND an additional 20% if you join the Fringe (which is basically the Freshly Picked membership). Regardless of the sale, I completely think this bag is worth every penny! You can also find this diaper bag at HERE (not on sale though) if you prefer to shop at Nordstrom and earn those Nordy reward points!

Okay, that was a lot of info but I hope it was helpful if you’re looking to upgrade your diaper bag or you’ve been on the fence with this one. If you try it, let me know what you think!

All my love,



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