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Healthy Eating + Red Dress Try-On

I have to tell you- after a full week of consistently eating healthy, I honestly feel so good! Over the past few months (TBH, ever since we had Ava) we order takeout probably 3-4 times a week. It’s just so easy! I usually try and cook a couple of times a week for no other reason than I know the meals are healthier but I HATE COOKING! Ha, and I really don’t find that cooking at home saves money (I can’t walk out of the store without dropping at least 150!)

This week we ordered Snap Kitchen and I’m hooked for life!!! It’s the best of both worlds. Healthy takeout. The meals are completely cooked, DELICIOUS and all I have to do is heat it up! I actually woke up thinking about the chicken enchiladas– so good, you guys.

I’ll definitely share more on stories next week when I get my next order but they did give me a discount code for you! Use code AlexS for $45 off meal plans or $15 off any order HERE!

A Red Dress try-on is always the favorite around here, so I have five new looks for you linked below! As always, the full try-on saved to my story highlights.

If you get only get one thing, let it be THIS!

Outfit above:

Outfit above:

Outfit above:

Outfit above:

Outfit above:


When I shared this tie-dye pullover a few weeks ago it was completely out of stock because it sold out like that. Happy to let you know that it’s $28, the softest thing ever, and available in ALL sizes! 🙂

I hope you have a great weekend!

All my love,


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