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Lululemon Dupes and My #1 Insecurity

When it comes to leggings I am extremely picky! Why? Probably because my legs have always been my biggest insecurity. However a couple of years ago God shifted my mindset. I saw a story on the news about a man who had a surgical complication from a routine surgery and ended up losing both of his legs. Woah. I felt my heart drop in my stomach. As a nurse, I know routine surgery is common.. and who is to say that something like that couldn’t happen to me one day? I know this probably sounds pessimistic.. but if I were to suddenly lose my legs one day would I really want to look back and think that I wasted precious time on being insecure about my legs that worked so perfectly? No ma’am. So now, I choose to love my legs. I love that they take me on walks with my family, I love that they allow me to bounce Ava up on down as I hold her, I love that they can run on a treadmill and then take my shopping later that day;).. they just do so much!! These days, I don’t even think about that much. My legs are great and so are yours, so let’s all move on and enjoy our life!

Okay back to the point! Leggings: I wear them everyday and I am still very picky about them! I’ve tried them all. From the higher end brands like Alo, Outdoor Voices, and Lululemon to the more affordable brands like Old Navy.. I have always found Lulu’s to take the cake at the end of the day. So naturally I have been in the market for a Lulu dupe for quite some time now. Happy to report, I found a few.. You are welcome.

This is it. If you buy one pair of leggings please buy these. I know the last time you shopped in this store was probably 7th grade. It’s fine, just trust me. I would work out in these, run errands, lounge, hit up a happy hour, go to sleep in them.. basically just live my best life in them.
Top: So soft and on sale! Runs large.
Leggings: Just trust me!! True to size. I’m wearing the short!
Slippers: The most affordable Steve Madden’s you will find! True to size.
Sweatshirt: 40% off with code DOUBLE. True to size.
Leggings: Same as the one above, in green
Slippers: The most affordable Steve Madden’s you will find! True to size.
Top: The best, I have this in three colors and wear constantly
Leggings: So comfy and flattering! I have had these in the black for about a year and they are still in perfect condition! I don’t wear these to work out but I wear them all the time running errands or just lounging! True to size.
Top: Same as above
Leggings: Same as above
Shoes: Adidas, they feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Size down 1/2 size.
Top: Same as above
Leggings: Amazon Prime find!! Super soft and come in a million colors and you really cant beat this price. I probably won’t work out in these but I will wear them out all time! True to size, but if in between sizes I would size down. Wearing the color “Cuban Orchid”
Slippers: My sweet mom surprised me with these when I was still in the hospital after having Ava. Which was so great because I wore them the entire time! I love them so much for that reason alone 🙂

We all have our insecurities. I was going to end this post by asking if you have an insecurity… but that seems like a waste of energy. Instead, I challenge you to gain a new perspective. Don’t waste your precious time on any insecurity, as I can assure you that your time could be better spent. Now, go get yourself some affordable leggings and enjoy your life!

All my love,


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