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Alex Malek


9 Summer Beauty Essentials

beauty essentials

I am always on the lookout for new beauty products. I’m a sucker for trying out something that might change my life, or at least make me feel like a better version of myself. Today, I want to share with you some products I’ve been loving lately and added to my rotation!

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1. Edible Beauty Turmeric Beauty Latte Serum Clear and Brighten

If you’ve seen any of my recent stories, you know I can’t stop using Edible beauty serums! I still LOVE the probiotic serum and No 3 (more details in THIS post) but I made it a priority to try their Turmeric Beauty Latte Serum last month and it’s been amazing! It’s formulated with botanicals to diminish the look of blemishes and pigmentation, without causing any irritation or redness. You can grab it from Sephora HERE.

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2. Olaplex No 8

Just when the world was starting to accept your frizz for what it is (your blessing and your curse), some genius has come along with a Masque of bonds. Say hello, Olaplex No. 8! I’ve been using this once a week with the Olaplex No. 3 and it’s made such a difference. It feels like I’m restoring my locks to the way they were when I was younger, before years of heat styling took their toll on them. It literally makes my hair feel like SILK and it doesn’t leave any residue at all.

3. Lilyana Naturals Eye Cream

I’ve been using this eye cream for a little over a month now and I am beyond impressed by the results. As someone who has sensitive skin, it’s hard to find an eye cream that doesn’t irritate my skin but this one has been a dream. 90% of the eye creams I have tried making me break out around the eye area, but this product causes no such issues! If you have delicate skin around your eyes or if you need something non-irritating which will keep them moisturized all day long, this is the product for you!

4. Artis Elite Foundation Brush

I’ve never found a brush that applies foundation like this. It’s faster than anything I’ve used and it’ll have your foundation done in less than 30 seconds with the most beautiful finish! Plus, you end up using so much less product because of the coverage it provides. If I were to buy one brush and one brush only, it would definitely be this one!

beauty essentials

5. Ice Roller for Face

I’m using this as I type this lol. If you ever wake up with puffy eyes, gently roll this under your eyes and the puffiness will go down immediately. Plus, the cooling sensation is so soothing! After I roll this over my skin in the morning feel READY to take on the day. I found it on amazon for $16 here!

6. Dyson AirWrap

Okay so I literally just got this in over the weekend and I’m already in love. I have been eyeing it for months now and finally took the plunge when it came back in stock, and it definitely did not disappoint! I’m still playing around with the different attachments but so far I love the “soft smoothing brush” for a blowout!

7. Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads

After hearing so much about their resurfacing pads, I finally decided to give it a try… and it was love at first swipe. They’re gentle enough to use every day, yet still provide a deep-cleaning exfoliation. I’ll use them after my normal cleanser and I feel like my skin is much more matte (although that could be because of all the oil they removed) and prepped for the rest of my skincare and makeup. If you struggle with oily or combination skin, this is definitely worth trying out!

beauty essentials

8. Vanity Planet Facial Steamer (50% off!)

I actually got this Facial steamer as a gift back during Christmas and it’s literally an at-home facial in a box. In just 15 minutes, it detoxifies your skin and opens up your pores so that skincare treatments penetrate deep into the skin cells- which makes them work even better! I reached out to Vanity Planet and they gave me a discount code for 50% off! Use code ALEXSTEAM for 50% off the rose gold facial steamer!! -insane deal btw.

9. Flamingo Deep Nourishing Cream

Hands down my most repurchased Target find and it’s under $10! It is lightly scented and contains an extract from white willow bark that helps to exfoliate dead cells and increase cell turnover, to make your skin smoother with time. It feels luxurious but sinks in quickly so it never feels heavy!

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