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Top 3 Staple Purchases from 2019

My closet has been ripped apart and put back together 4 times in the last month. While I’ve never been one for less is more (I LIVE for too much with no shame), I love a good Marie Kondo-sesh to get rid of the clutter. So on my fourth round of throwing everything out organizing my closet, I started thinking about the purchases that were worth it. The pieces that I LOVE and wear the most. (Which now have front and center in the closet!)

While shopping has become a requirement for my little corner of the internet, these three purchases I love with every fiber of my being. To be honest, deciding on my top three purchases of the year was incredibly easy. Why? Yup, you guessed it- they spark joy. Not just joy though. No, no, I would consider these three purchases to be closet STAPLES. While these items feel like “me” and I wear them weekly (if not daily), these three picks make fabulous closet staples for just about anyone.


Andrew surprised me with a Neverfull for my birthday and I cried. I had been researching this for a full year! Most of you are just like me and you like to research something before you purchase it. Especially, handbags. Sure, you can pick up a new foundation without research, but handbags?! Handbags are a huge investment. So if you are on the fence, like I was, maybe this will help!

MM or GM

I knew I wanted a Neverfull but I had gone back forth on what size to get one million times.MM or GM?! I tried on both in the store and went with the MM and I am so glad that I did. I’ve heard people say that GM is good for travel and MM is good for every day. I disagree, ha. My vote is MM, all the way! The GM would get far too heavy for me if I traveled with it. Stick with the MM and use a carry-on suitcase for the plane 😉

The MM is lightweight and easy to carry and holds everything I need with lots of extra room. What I love most about this purse is that I can LOAD it up (Ava’s toys, laptop, makeup, etc,) and it still somehow looks chic and pulls together my entire outfit. With it, I use this purse organizer insert I would definitely recommend a purse organizer for this or any large tote!

Color + Print

One of the reasons this bag can work for anyone is because the print + color can completely make change the style of this bag. I tried on all of the colors in the store and went with the Iconic Monogram. My mom has ALWAYS carried a purse in this print so to me it feels beautiful and timeless. Just like her;)

If you’re on the fence about which color to get, go try them on and you will know. All of the prints are beautiful, so go with the one that feels most like you!


On a much less expensive note, these earrings made the list! I LIVE in these hoops because they are the most comfortable earrings I own. More comfortable than stud earrings? Yup. You will not believe how light they feel. I wear them multiple times a week, all day long and they still look brand new.

If you’re thinking, “But I could some new trendy tassel earring for the same price?” True, but those will go out of style next season. Because they have the simplicity of hoop earring, they can work with any outfit, all four seasons of the year. I have them in the gold and the rose gold is next on my list!


I mean how many times can a girl wear the same pair of shoes on her Instagram?! Ha! You guys know I wear these all the time, but I just gravitate toward camel-colored anything. It’s a neutral color that feels slightly more chic than grey. Actually, camel feels much more chic than grey, don’t you think?!

Chic-ness aside, these boots are the most comfortable ones I own. The block heel and round toe is EVERYTHING (Pointy-toe shoes/boots always hurt my feet). While I love the way they look, I choose these boots 9 out of 10 times for the comfort level!

Before you go, I must acknowledge the fact that that this dress might be the most flattering and comfortable dress I own. I find this extremely significant because flattering + comfortable are not two words that you typically find sharing a sentence, no?! I shared it this try-on last week and the quality for the price is unreal.

All my love,


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