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Alex Malek


When Things Are Good

Pullover | Leggings | Sneakers | Earrings

Yesterday I took Ava for a walk and I could not stop! Right now our neighborhood is so pretty with all the fall colors I just kept going and going, and thinking and thinking..

The past year has been filled with highs and lows. God gave us Ava, but he also took my dad home. As much as my heart hurts when I think about my dad’s fight with cancer, I realized that we are not there anymore. My dad is not getting chemo anymore. He is not in pain. We are not driving to and from the hospital. He is no longer sick. We are just not there anymore. Thank you, God.

I am finding peace with this because simply speaking, things are good right now. Everyone is healthy, my dad is in heaven, I am taking Ava on a walk, and I get to go home to write about lululemon. Yay.

That probably wasn’t the happiest start to a blog post! Ha, but I needed to share my heart with you. More importantly, encourage you with this:

If you’re in a low, you won’t be there forever. Hang in there.

Onward and upward now!

Today, let us chat about #thesweatlife. Aka lululemon. My love for lululmeon began years ago when I purchased my first Align pant. I will admit, since that time the Align pant has become my guilty pleasure because while others may imitate, there is just nothing quite like it! Nothing fits + feels better than this second-skin pant. These are the absolute best.

The Align is everything your buttery-soft legging dreams are made of, and lululmeon has just created them in new prints and colors for the season! When I saw the Align II (my favorite length is the 25″!) in this printed pink color I ordered without hesitation! I am wearing this exact tight, in the color ‘Polar Shift Emboss Plumful’. A few other styles from the Align collection that you will love:

Oh, and you need to add this pullover to your Christmas wish list! So, so, SO soft and cuddly. It has an oversized fit, but it is not too oversized if that makes sense. The length is just right and absolutely PERFECT for leggings. This sweater has quickly become my go-to, as I find myself grabbing this before anything else when I am heading out (or staying in, ha).

Perfectly Oversized Pullover in ‘Pink Bliss’

If you have never tried lululemon before, just this keep in mind for the first time you order: lululemon is less of a brand, but more of a lifestyle 😉 So when you’re ten pairs deep because you just can’t stop, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Thank you for letting me share #thesweatlife with you!

All my love,


This post was created in a collaboration with lululemon. All selections + opinions are my own!

Photography: Katie Chang Photo

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