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2020 Top Sellers

Did anyone else find themself shopping more last year or was it just me? It’s funny how we spent the majority of 2020 at home but managed to shop more than ever! Here’s a round up of the top 10 most popular items chosen by YOU in 2020! So many items that were impossible to get are now back in stock and some are even on sale!!

number 10. ‘not guilty crop flares

These jeans are my personal favorite purchase from the year! I’m obsessed with wearing cropped flare denim with booties and these jeans are amazing! They feel like butter and are UNBELIEVABLY flattering. More than I typically like to spend on a pair of jeans, but worth every penny. TTS, wearing size 25

number 9. HOKA running shoes

This year I was determined to find the best running shoes and HOKA is it for me! Running shoes are definitely an investment but they make a HUGE difference in your workout (I feel like I’m flying when I wear these lol!). I’ve tried a few different styles and to be honest I love the fit of all of them. Recently I’ve been shopping for them on Amazon and these are my current favorite! I go down 1/2 size.

number 8. amazon dress

I have this $22 dress from Amazon in 4 colors now! I can’t recommend it more!! I actually purchased it last year and still wear it all the time, so I guess that speaks to the quality! The drawstring detail and slit makes it both flattering AND super comfortable. This dress fits and flows in all the right places, cinching the waist, giving a pretty movement when walking! See all 10 colors HERE.

number 7. $31 tiered dress

2020 felt like the year of Red Dress Try-ons for me lol. We all just love shopping here! This dress was the top selling piece from Red Dress and it’s now on sale for $31 in two colors!!

number 6. live in joggers from nordstrom

OKAY. These joggers are probably the best lululemon dupe I’ve ever found!! This year lululemon came out with “jogger-style leggings” and these joggers feel JUST like them. SERIOUSLY, JUST LIKE THEM. They sold out during the Nordstrom Sale and they now back in stock and almost sold out again, haha! If you see your size grab it! I’m in an XS.

number 5. TULA SPF

Tula released a ton of new products this year (reviewed them in this post) but the SPF is the one I can’t live without and for sure your favorite too! I have been waiting for this product to be released for YEARS and I’m happy to report that lived up to my dreams! It leaves the best natural glow with ZERO white cast. Even on days when I stay inside I still wear it because it protects against blue light from computers and cell phones! My tip is to wear this with the face filter primer (also available in a supersized edition) With or without makeup, I wear this combo every day because these two products blend so well together! Use my code ALEXSTOUT will get you 15% off.

number 4. Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan

I’ve had mine for three years now and it seriously still looks brand new and I wear it ALL. THE. TIME. I literally throw this on as I get out of bed every single morning. It’s the only piece of clothing that I can think of that I can wear with PJS but just as easily wear out with leggings and boots because of the the circle shape! TTS, wearing size XS/Small

number 3. lululemon leggings on sale

Every time I shared a pair of lululemon leggings on sale it was a top seller for the week! Right now the Align II is still my fave and on sale in a ton of new colors here!

number 2. antelope bolster pillow

You guys loved this blush antelope Bolster Pillow cover on my bed! I think Bolster pillows are the trick to make whatever bedding you have look straight out of a magazine. The best part is that this is just a pillow COVER, so it’s so easy to swap it out for different colors! I have a king-size bed and ordered the 9×48 cover with this 9×48 insert.

number 1. amazon velvet pillow covers

If I told you how many people purchased these in 2020 I don’t think you would believe me! So this is probably redundant because I’m pretty sure we all have these velvet pillow covers on our bed now! But how fun is it that all our bedrooms are twinning?! lol!The trick is to get a down feather insert that is one size up. I have the 24×24 covers and 26×26 inserts. That’s going to allow you to get the perfect karate-chop look 😉 Set of 2 for under $20 from Amazon and comes in a ton of different colors!

I hope your 2021 is off to a great start! Have you set any goals? I’ll share mine with you as soon as I can get myself to sit down and make a few 😉

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