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2021 goals. Do this with me!

I’ll usually take any excuse to sit down with my planner and a have a brainstorm sesh, but I have been AVOIDING this one! Do I really need to look back on 2020?

Last year was so weird I just can’t even think about it too much because It really did not go as planned! lol! But let’s stay within the context of setting goals. For me, by the end of 2020 I ended up quite comfortable with my little quarantine/relaxed routine. Key word being comfortable. I’m a firm believer that “when we’re comfortable we’re not growing”. So 2021, it’s time to get back on track!

2021 Goals

If you want to do this with me, I would highly recommend setting your goals by category! (health, family, financial, etc.) It makes it much less overwhelming and gives you place to start. For example, these are mine:


I have to get this one in check but health was definitely not a priority last year lol. But I used to be a nurse, you guys! I know how important it is to take care of yourself! Here are my health goals:

  • Cooking dinner 5 nights a week. aka less processed food and no more Uber eats! This notepad makes me want to mean plan, haha!
  • More mocktails. Less cocktails. Ugh I know, it breaks my heart too.
  • Vitamins + supplements. I feel so much better when I’m consistent with this. I take my vitamins in the morning and I think the routine of it just gets me in the right mindset. It’s like I’m reminding myself that I’m taking care of myself. I just ordered this pill box from amazon. I love how I can throw it in my purse and it will never spill out!


This looks different for everyone and it’s still such a weird time! But some of the best advice I’ve been given for this is to think about where you want to be in a year, and live that out now! I’m starting with this:

  • 5:30 am wakeup. Ultimately, I just need more uninterrupted time and waking up early gives me this! I LOVE this sunrise alarm clock.


This is where I think about how everything else is going. Spiritual/church relationships, home, self-care, etc. Here are mine:

  • Church. Together as a family. Every week. No matter what!
  • Date night. Once a month. I mean we just need to make it happen!
  • Budgeting. YA I HATE THIS ONE TOO.

By the way, this leopard cardigan is from Abercrombie and THE softest ever. I’ll share it on stories today along with a few other Abercrombie finds I’ve been loving!

I hope you have a great start to your week!

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