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3 Amazon Products and Hacks To Try For Spring

Dress: Click HERE

We are heading to Florida this weekend (Ava’s first trip to the beach!) and I am already making a to-do list for what we need to do when we get back! First on the agenda: Spring Prep. Which mainly consists of some deep Spring Cleaning and changing up our home decor. This is actually my favorite time of year because I love the feeling of a fresh start that Spring brings (January 1st doesn’t really do that for me!).

While you get your home ready for Spring, I thought it would be fun to share a few items that you can add in to your routine that make it that much more enjoyable :). SO! I bring you 3 unnecessary (but not really) items that make me and my home so excited for Spring. I’ll throw a few hacks in here too!

Glamorous Wash

Okay this this stuff is life changing. Yes, I have found laundry detergent that will change your life. I’m not kidding. Throw a load of laundry on using with this and your entire house will smell so good! I like to use it on my sheets and blankets because there is NO better feeling than getting in to a bed that smells this good! You will know what I mean if you try it! The only drawback is that this stuff can get kinda pricey! But don’t worry I have a great hack for that!

HACK: Pour one mini bottle of Glamorous Wash in to a bottle of All Free & Clear(or any unscented laundry detergent). That’s it! You have turned your basic and inexpensive laundry detergent into the most fabulous detergent you will ever use! I have experimented with this several times and I can promise you that it works just as well than if you were to use the Glamorous Wash on it’s own! Just make sure that you are using an unscented laundry detergent. My favorite scents of Glamorous Wash are “High Maintenance” and “Diva”.

Mini size: Click HERE or HERE

Full sized: Click HERE.

The Best Room Spray

Okay so let me start off by saying that when I typically hear “room spray” I cringe and cough a little. Growing up my mom was always spraying different room sprays and I hated it. In my opinion, room sprays usually have this fake smell and make me feel like I can’t breathe so when I tell you that this Room Spray is wonderful, that really is saying something!! It truly smells so good and the scent will last for a long time in the air in the most delightful way! I love the scent Sweet Grace.

HACK: You know that person in your life that shows up for a visit when your house is a mess and gives you all of 5 minutes notice? Spray this before they come over and I guarantee you they will compliment you on how good your house smells and not even notice the clutter situation that’s happening on your countertop. Works like a charm every time! Actually now that I think of it, every time I have used this before people come over, someone comments on how good my house smells. It’s nothing special I’m doing, just the spray! Click HERE.

My New Favorite Self Tanner

This is a SPRAY TAN in a bottle you guys. SPRAY!! Meaning no tanning salon, no mitten, no orange hands, no messy foam, no blotchy spots… it is just a spray! I like to think of it as my own “in home, airbrushed tanning experience” 😉 It is so easy to use! Literally just as easy to use a can of hairspray. I’ll step into the shower to use it so that way I can easily wash off whatever any that is on the floor. Also, my husband says it smells like candy lol! It definitely doesn’t have that “fake tanner smell” that we all hate!

HACK: To make the tan last longer, take a shower and exfoliate anywhere you plan to use it (I usually do my entire body but sometimes I will just do my legs!). When you come out of the shower, dry your skin really well with a towel and don’t apply any moisturizer. After you spray the tan, let it dry completely before you put your clothes on. This product drys pretty quick but you can also use a hairdryer on the cool setting to speed things up! Click HERE.

One day, I might be able to afford to hire a professional to come Spring Clean for me or drive to my house and give me weekly in-home spray tans like the Kardashians. Until then… I’ll keep doing this. 😉

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