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Quick Makeup Routine: Sephora Sale

The days of taking 2 hours to get ready and 45 minutes to do my makeup are far behind me with Miss Ava in the picture. 😉 So I thought it might be fun (and realistic) to share with you the products I use to get ready on a day-to-day basis since the Sephora sale is on! Right now, you can get anywhere from 10% to 20% off everything online and in-store. 🙂

This little routine takes me 7-minutes to apply. Why 7-minutes? Because I timed myself! Ha! While I am by no means a makeup artist, makeup has always been a fun hobby for me. This has led me to try WAY too many products! That being said, I am very picky with makeup products that I choose to invest in. However, all of these products are ones that I have repurchased or would repurchase, so you can rest assured they are good!!

Let me mention: I don’t think anyone needs to wear makeup, but throwing on a little makeup in the morning is something that I do for myself because I truly enjoy it. I personally believe that when you take the time to love yourself and do things that you enjoy, you can better love and serve the people around you. Okay, I’ll hop off my soapbox now and get on with the goods! Click on any of these images below to see it on the Sephora website where you can get the product on sale. Don’t forget to use the code at checkout for the discount!

My hope is that you might find something that makes your getting-ready routine a little easier and maybe even a little more fun! If not, I hope you at least feel inspired to take the time (even just a few minutes!) to do something that you love because YOU are worth it! And for that matter, so are the people around you!

ALSO! If you haven’t tried these tanning drops, you need to! You can see the full post on how to use them here.

Below are a few other products for your browsing pleasure! These items are ones that I already own and love along with a few new items that I just ordered:

All my love,


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