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All white living room

Back with another room reveal!! Our formal living area. Aka “my room”. 🙂 This room is my place for morning devotionals, a little bit of peace, and always a great spot for hosting guests.

This space was empty for quite some time because we were actually so indecisive about what to do with it! It’s the first room you see when you walk in and we couldn’t decide if we wanted to have a “cocktail/piano room”, or “formal living”.

Why we chose a formal living

At one point we were REALLY leaning toward the “cocktail/piano” room option, but I’m so glad we chose to wait a few months to see what our needs were! Ultimately we decided on a formal living over a bar for these reasons:

  1. I began to crave somewhere I could that wasn’t covered in barbies and crayons. (Our family room has somehow turned into Ava’s playroom.)
  2. I began to dream about a room with all white furniture (more on that in a minute)
  3. We do need somewhere for Santa to leave presents, and I think this room is where the Christmas tree will look best.
  4. Neither of us play the piano.

So, formal living was the decision! Okay, let’s get to the design!

When it came to the furniture, I knew I wanted white. I actually wanted white for our family room off the kitchen but Andrew (thankfully) talked me out of it. “Babe, Ava eats red popsicles on the sofa every day.” TRUTH.

So I decided to live out my all-white furniture dream in this one space!

White Chairs

When choosing white furniture, performance fabric is a must. I am so happy we went with these chairs from Miranda Kerr’s Collection with Universal Furniture. These chairs are deep and comfortable, yet clean-lined with performance fabric (aka magic fabric), so I never worry if something does spill on them. I’ve shared this collection countless times now, and it is still my top recommendation for furniture because the quality is that of custom furniture, without the custom price point.


I fell in love with the taupe lacquer finish of this table. It has a mother of pearl top that really picks up the light in a room with its unique silhouette. Shop it here.


I love to switch up our coffee table throughout the year. No matter the season, I love to stack a few coffee table books (Full list of my favorite designer coffee table books HERE) for a pop of color.

Maybe its something about the word “formal” but this room has somehow made me feel like I’m all grown up! 🙂 lol but in all seriousness, I’m so glad we took the time to put this room together because I’ve found that it has made our home feel even more like HOME!

Thank you so much for reading! Everything is linked below!

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