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Amazon Gift Guide For Her

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I know we all do 98% of our shopping on Amazon, so this gift guide is a MUST the week before Christmas!

This pullover is such an easy gift for under $20 because it’s one size fits all! I just purchased it in black because it is probably my favorite sweater I have ever found from Amazon. Wear it with jeans or leggings!

Speaking of leggings, these leggings are the absolute best on all of Amazon! A couple of weeks ago I was standing at the checkout line at Victoria’s Secret (they were having a Black Friday Sale!) and a girl standing behind me was like, “Sorry to be weird, but where are your leggings from?” Oh, girl it’s not weird! These are from Amazon! They come in a ton of different colors, only $20, and you NEED THEM! I think I scared her. But my point: THESE ARE SO GOOD.

I’ve had my purse organizer for almost three years and I don’t know what I would do without it! While it does keep my purse organized, I mostly love that if a lipstick accidentally opens up my purse itself is not destroyed. It just doesn’t make sense to invest in a designer purse and carry any form of makeup in it without this! Lol!

Everyone always seems to default to a YETI when it comes to tumblers, but I much prefer this one from Amazon because I can throw it in the dishwasher. Plus, water tastes much better from a glass than aluminum!

If you’re looking for a few stocking stuffers, this bracelet along with these earrings are great quality for the price. And for the mom that always seems to have her hands full, this key chain is perfect as she can slip it on her wrist.

If you’re still stumped for a gift, I promise that ANYONE will love how this charging station looks on their nightstand.

The winners of the giveaway will be emailed this week! I’m giving away 10 gifts from the gift guides (including a few items from this post!) to 10 subscribers so make sure you are entered!


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If you’re needing a few more gift ideas, you can see the rest gift guides HERE! 🙂

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