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Alex Malek


Amazon Prime Day 2020

leggings | pullover | dress | sunglasses | curling iron

This past weekend my sister-in-law, Cara, came to stay with us to help with the move (she’s a saint!) and as we were unpacking the kitchen she says, “Have you heard that Prime Day is supposed to be better than Black Friday this year?!”… Well apparently that’s all I needed to hear. She convinced me to shop Prime Day in one sentence, lol! Rounding up my top picks for you below!!

1. Echo Dot: Okay how cute is the pink color?! One of the best Prime Day Deals! It’s 60% off right now making it less than $20!

2. AirPods: I actually just purchased my first pair of airpods last month and I’m obsessed!! The sound is amazing and this deal is so good.

3. Cordless Vacuum: This is actually Andrew’s find, haha! I’ve shared this on stories so many times because we love this thing!! I use it every night to “sweep” the kitchen and it only takes me 2 minutes.

4. Metal Garment rack: This is the garment rack I have and always get questions about! In addition to hanging clothes, I love how I can display purses, headbands, etc.

5. Levi Jeans: A great pair of Levis. I love the style of these high rise, straight crop jeans!

6. Long Sleeve Bateau Neck Sweater: This sweater’s neckline is so feminine and flattering! I love the color and the price is amazing! 

7. Alo Hoodie: Alo on Amazon? Yes please! Grab this comfy hoodie for those cooler fall days or to pair with your fave joggers and sneakers. Comes in black, green, or red!

8. Turtleneck: I love the way this turtleneck hugs the neck in a cozy way but isn’t form-fitting. Adding that extra flow makes it easy to dress up in the comfiest way!

9. Jogger: These would look amazing with flats or sneakers – dressed up or down! Athleisure is making its way into the work place seamlessly with these!

10. Vanity Makeup Mirror: I need a vanity mirror so I actually just ordered this! The reviews are amazing and I love how it has 3 color lighting modes!

11. T3 Interchangeable Curling Iron: I have an entire blog post dedicated to this thing! It’s the curling iron I swear by and convince every girl this will change her life, lol! Insane price right now.

12. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: Speaking of curling hair.. this is the product I always use to hold my curls. You guys know I love Oribe, but this is truly my favorite of all their products! It’s the most lightweight texturizing spray and perfect for giving your curls that “soft natural I-didn’t-really-curl-my-hair” look 😉

13. Still Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner: My go-to eyeliner for YEARS! I usually order this when Sephora has a sale but right now it’s 30% off which is the best price I’ve ever seen it!

14. Stila HUGE Extreme lash Mascara: You guys I’m so excited I found this back in stock!! ! This has been my favorite mascara for years but then a few months ago I literally couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. It’s on sale for prime day but even if it was full price I would be stocking up, lol. It’s on sale for $16!!


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