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Alex Malek


Before + After Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

I’ve had hair extensions for almost 5 months now (still a newbie) but I am here to tell you my honest review and experience so far!

I had my first extensions EVER installed back over the summer. I wanted them for a while but I was nervous to pull the trigger because I heard so many crazy things about them! I would talk to one girl who loved having extensions and then the next day I would hear a horror story from someone else. So I researched like CRAZY– determined to find THE BEST ones!


If you’re considering getting hair extensions I would be careful what you read online because holy moly there’s so much false info out there. After researching like a crazy person for weeks I knew I wanted Covet & Mane hand-tied extensions. Additionally, Ashley had recommended Covet & Mane and I 100% trust her with all things hair!


Covet & Mane hair extensions are only available for purchase by stylists who are trained to install them, aka: The Coveted.


Essentially, it’s a list of the best stylists who are specialized to install Hand-Tied Extensions. Covet & Mane has now made The Coveted list available online so that clients who specifically want to have Covet & Mane hair (aka ME lol), can find the stylist closet to them! By the way, this list is not something that stylists can pay to be on because The Coveted is NOT an advertising platform. No, no! The intention of this list is to create an easy process for the client to find a stylist, and be in the best hands.


The difference is insane and the photos speak for themselves!!! I can’t tell you how great they make me feel! The ultimate mood lifter! lol!



I received a ton of DMs on Instagram from girls who are interested in extensions and wanted to know more, so I thought it might be helpful to round up all the FAQs below, so you can have all the details in one place!

Who installs your extensions?

Ashley Rydback at Salon 5014 in Dallas. I originally started going to Ashley for color and she still colors my hair! She worked in Orange County, CA for years and now she’s one of the top colorist in Dallas. She does color and extensions only!

What is Ashley’s contact info?

I think this is actually the #1 question I get haha. I’ll put all her info below, but the best way to reach her is to call Salon 5014 directly!

The Coveted: Ashley Rydbeck IG: @colorbyashley phone: 214-823-3600 (Salon 5104)

Wait so who cuts your hair?

haha everyone always asks this too!! After Ashley colors and installs my extensions, Jennie at Salon5014 cuts and styles my hair and extensions. She also worked in OC before moving to Dallas and she is a Master Hair Cutting Specialist. Extensions are a huge investment and you want to make sure that whoever is cutting them knows what they’re doing because once you cut them they don’t grow back! 🙂

IG: @jenniehairartist phone: 214-823-3600 (Salon 5014)

How do hand-tied extensions compare to other hair extensions (tape-ins, clip-ins, etc)?

I’ve never had any other extensions so I don’t have anything to compare it too but I can tell you they feel so soft and lightweight and I don’t even know they’re there!! They are extremely easy to style and I love the dimension and color that it gives my hair. The Covet & Mane colors are GORGEOUS! When I first had these extensions installed, I was able to finally have the ends of my hair be a few shades blonder without actually having to dye the ends of my real hair!

Do they pull your hair out?

Nope 🙂 Actually, last time I went in Ashley was like “your roots looks so good!” Lol! This type of extension does not damage your hair or make it fall out, as long as they are installed correctly. That’s why I love Ashley’s method!! She’s so gentle!

How much do they cost?

There is a huge variation and depends on how much hair you need or want so Ashley will give you a quote! Either way, it’s for sure an investment. So if you get extensions make sure you take care of them!

Can you wear your hair up without them showing?

YES!!! PRAISE! This was my biggest hesitation before I had extensions because I run 3 miles everyday and need to wear my up! I’m also a mom so I throw my hair up multiple times a day. The extensions are installed at the root of the hair, so I can put my hair in a ponytail and you can’t even see the them. It’s amazing!

How often do you wash your hair?

2-3 times a week.

What products do you use?

I think I’ll have to share a whole other post on this, lol! But for the most part I’ve been using Oribe and loving it. THIS mini set is perfect and such a good deal! I’ll link my products here:

Overall, I would 100% recommend Covet & Mane hand-tied extensions! If I could give you only piece of advice: it would be to make sure that you go to someone who is experienced and recommended. That being said, don’t overthink the process too much because it’s just hair and meant to be so much fun 🙂 So enjoy the process!

Let me know if you have any other questions!!



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