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Best Beauty Products From The #NSale

Tank (40% off!) | Jeans | Similar Necklace (on sale) | Earrings

You guys already know I enjoyed the women’s fashion & accessories from this year’s Nordstorm Sale just as much as the next girl. Some might even argue a little more than the next girl. 😉 However as much as I have loved shopping all the sweaters and boots, I can tell you with 100% confidence that the beauty finds from these years N-Sale is by far the greatest category of the entire sale. Here is why:

In previous years, I have found the N-Sale beauty category to be filled with great brands, but mediocre discounts if ya know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I still took advantage and stocked up on all the beauty goodness last year, but this year the brands and products are SO GOOD I can’t handle.

Let me put it to you this way: My plan with this year’s beauty sale was to only allow myself to buy three items. However, when I saw all of the beauty products available online, I convinced myself reasoned with myself that I needed to order a few extra products so that I could see them in person so that I could decide which ones I should keep. Well, I’ve seen them. And I am keeping all of them! Lol! All. Of. Them. An with no shame because they’re that good.

Now that I have justified myself to you, let’s chat about the best beauty products from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 🙂

  • Charlotte Tillbury Supermodel Body Shimmer: AH-MAZING. Before I tell you why I love it let me quote the description.. “skin de-puffing agents create an optical illusion of longer, leaner limbs and firmer contours”. Okay, so down?! Think of this as makeup for all of your body. After I apply body lotion, I put this on my arms, legs, and décolletage before I head out and it leaves the prettiest tan & glow without actually being a self-tanner. This product was released last year during the Anniversary Sale and THIS YEAR they have released the limited-edition jumbo size, which makes this such a great value for the amount of product that you get!
  • Fresh Lip Set: It is no secret around here that I am in a committed, long-term relationship with the Fresh Advanced Lip Treatment. I literally can not go to sleep without putting this on now! It is the best lip balm you will ever find because it actually heals your lips by retaining the moisture with hyaluronic spheres. (Everyone that I have convinced to try it is now hooked too:)) So naturally, I always stock up if I see it discounted. This set is such a good deal because you get a full-sized lip treatment, mini lip treatment in rose, and the lip scrub. I have tried other lip balms and nothing compares!
  • Neulash: Let me start out by telling you that I have THE MOST SENSITIVE eyes in the world. Truly, If I try the wrong product my eyes will be red for a week. I naturally have really short eyelashes so I have tried countless eye serums and they have all caused my eyes severe irritation. I then tried eyelash extensions and had a panic attack because apparently, I hate when people touch my eyes! Lol! So last year I pulled a Hail Mary and purchased Neulash with one last hope to grow my lashes. And guys, it worked. (With no irritation!) After two weeks of using it every night I had people asking me if I got eyelash extensions! I now only use this every other night to maintain the length. I purchased this exact set last year during Anniversary Sale and I am so glad that they are offering this deal again because it is such good value, and will last you so long!
  • Supergoop! SPF Set: I try to wear SPF every day, but the biggest issue I have with picking a sunscreen is that the type of product I need depends on what other products I am using that day. Let me explain: If I am not wearing makeup, I want a moisturizer that has SPF in it. If I am wearing makeup, I want an SPF that I can wear in addition. Or sometimes I want to use one of my moisturizers that do not have SPF, so I need to add an SPF product on top… #highmaintenance. I was so excited when I found this set which has you covered with three different sun care products: one that is a primer, another a setting spray, and a moisturizer. And it’s only $25. Score.
  • Drybar Get Brushin’ Set: If you saw my stories last week, you saw the emotional breakdown that I had when I dropped my straightening brush and it broke! I ran out and grabbed this set so I wanted to let you know what I think. I have only used the straightening brush a few times, but so far it seems to work perfectly and is definitely great quality. I will also tell you that I LOVE the products that come with it. My favorite is the heat protectant spray which protects my hair, adds the prettiest shine, and de-frizzes.
  • Drybar The Four Pack: If you are interested in just trying the Drybar hair products, consider this set which includes the four best hair products from Drybar!
  • Voluspa Candle Set: My ride-or-die. If you have ever been to my house there is a 100% chance that you will see these candles out all over my house. For that matter, if you have ever received a gift from me there is a good chance that it might have included one of these! Ha, these have been my favorite candles for the longest time. They burn clean and make your entire home smell delicious. I also love the designs on the tins which allows them to double as home decor! 😉
  • Pillow Talk Lip Kit: The nude-pink lip that dreams are made of! Unfortunately, this set is currently sold out. However, I wanted to mention it so that you can keep it on your radar because I did get word that it will be restocked! 🙂
  • Charlotte Tilbury Eye Shadow Set: Have to throw in one more CT product for you, because you know Charlotte is my girl!! With all of the eyeshadow palettes that I have purchased, I seem to only wear my Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow now. There is something about the formulation of the shades that allow them to wear so well. This palette is great because it has all of the shades from the cult-favorite, “Pillow Talk Palette, plus two more shades!

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