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This day-to-night closet staple will leave you SHOOK.

For the longest time, I was very anti-bodysuit. I felt like everyone was talking about how wonderful they were and I was like, “I don’t have time to wear a one-piece bathing suit under my clothes.” But then I caved and ordered one online and when I tried it on I was like, “OHH okay. It’s worth it.”

It’s so worth it. A little extra work than your normal top? Slightly. But when you wear one you WILL have 15 people ask you what you’ve been doing for your workouts and you WILL NOT un-tuck and re-tuck your top one million times. No fussing, just a flawless and flattering tuck!

I have around five bodysuits in my closet and reach for them weekly because they make THE BEST layering piece. However, I will warn you that I have purchased and returned my fair share of bodysuits. Unfortunately, not all bodysuits are made equally! And a white bodysuit?! HA! NOT EASY MY FRIEND. I had to search for MONTHS. Months, I tell you!

But then I stumbled upon this one. The cream of the bodysuit-crop! I. am. still. shook. from the fact that it’s only $34 because I would pay $100 for it without blinking. You see, the material is beyond soft AND lined, so it’s not even slightly see-through!

I actually shared it in a try-on a few weeks ago and received multiple messages from people who ordered it since saying how much they loved it. THIS is the exact bodysuit I am wearing and here are a few similar ones to shop:


Oh and before I forget! This $18 designer dupe belt is finally back in stock!! It sold out so quickly last time, I didn’t even get to share it! The pearls give it such a luxe feel, making it look far more expensive than $18.


So how do you take it from day to night? Just change your shoes! Okay, wait BEFORE you think “that’s so simple it’s stupid”. Isn’t “simple” kinda the point of a day-to-night outfit? 😉 But while we’re on the subject.. how many outfits in your closet can you actually think of that can be easily transitioned from day to night with just a simple shoe swap?! Check it:



Pretty cool right?! Everything is linked below!

All my love,


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