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Alex Malek


Errand OOTD Other Than Leggings

Of all the adulting things out there, running errands is probably the most unexciting. And then, there’s the question: What to wear? Odds are you probably won’t run into anyone you know, right?

I wish, but wrong. You know it will happen. You know you will run into your ex the ONE TIME you didn’t take a shower, am I right?! So let’s cut the chances of the universe playing games with you.

That being said, it’s so easy to find yourself in a rut where you’re throwing on your pair of 4-year-old Lulu’s day in and day out – trust, I’ve been there. However, I have found that skipping the leggings (on occasion!) will make you feel more prepared to take on your day, and in turn, make those errands slightly enjoyable.

But let’s be real, none of us are looking to wear a bodysuit with over-the-knee boots for a day of grocery shopping and returning spontaneous Nordstrom online orders. Although all the power to you if you are that chick! You need an outfit that will give you that extra pep in your step, but simple enough you can throw on in a pinch. Next time you’re heading out for a day of to-do’s try this:

printed sweater + comfy denim + everyday kicks

Lately, I have found that this little combo has been working wonderfully, as it’s the easiest combo to play around with. I must let you know that my platform sneakers are currently 40% off and come in 3 colors! Oh, and this that this star sweater is from amazon prime and under $25 🙂

So by all means! Spray that dry shampoo, throw on your new favorite sweater, and feel good when you tackle that to-do list girl!

All my love,


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