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Full Skincare Routine

The full routine! You’ll notice the majority is TULA because that’s my base, and then I add in other serums + masks + treatments. You can read more about why I do this in this post, but basically: TULA balances your skin, which allows any added treatments to work at their best (more on that here).

You can use code ALEXSTOUT for 15% off any TULA products!

Okay, let’s dive in!


1. Cleanser. The best face wash you will ever find. I’ve used this for over two years and literally crave it! It seems like everyone is obsessed with it these days so feel free to join the club 😉 Under $25 with my code and will last you a lifetime.

2. Mask. I use a face mask on the days I wash my hair. Most of the time I have my hair mask in while I have on a face mask on and I feel like I’m having a little in-home spa sesh. I’m always trying different face masks depending on the season, but these are the ones I swear by:

3. Toner. This is a gel toner so it feels somewhat like a serum. I apply this with these exfoliating cotton rounds or just my fingertips depending on my mood!

4. Illuminating Serum– Out of the one million serums I’ve tried, this is hands down my favorite. The full-sized is currently sold out because this stuff sells out like that. But DON’T WORRY you can get it in this value kit or the travel size kit.

5. Eye Balm– I know, I know! I’ve talked your ear off about this enough on stories! It’s unreal and the caffeine in it will leave your eyes depuffed, glowy, and ready to take on your life!

6. Day Moisturizer– This is the moisturizer I use during the day because it keeps my skin from getting oily and breaking up my foundation. It’s also fantastic if you struggle with occasional breakouts (this chick!). I’ll mix it with just a dab these bronzing drops for a little color.

7. Sunscreen. I usually hate the smell and oily feeling that comes with most SPFS, but this one is so good you guys! It leaves ZERO white cast because it is actually clear. The consistency reminds me of the YSL primer and feels so good when you wear it.


1. Double Cleanse

  • Cleansing Oil. You must double cleanse on the days you wear makeup. Rather than rinsing your face with water like you normally would, oil cleansers work best when applied to dry skin to dissolve the makeup. So use 1 or two pumps, apply directly on your makeup filled faced, massage for 30 seconds, then rinse it off and ALL of your makeup is gone without drying your skin out, as most makeup wipes will. The TULA cleansing oil is my favorite and I’ve repurchased this 5 times!
  • Cleanser. I then follow with my usual cleanser to clean my skin. If I didn’t wear makeup that day, I’ll just use this!
  • Exfoliate: I use this sugar scrub twice a week on my entire face (including my lips!) to get rid of dead skin. This will get rid of any extra “texture” and your makeup will apply so much better!

2. Toner. The same toner from my morning routine.

3. Treatments. I rotate a few different serums and usually don’t use the same thing two days in a row! These are my favorites:

  • The Ordinary Lactic Acid. This is under $7 from Sephora! (online only) Lactic Acid is AMAZING, you guys. Lactic acid will decrease fine lines and wrinkles and prevent breakouts. You will notice a difference within a week!
  • Acne clearing + tone correcting gel. This is the one that I use the most because it does so many things! This serum works to clear up acne, prevent breakouts and brighten marks left by past acne with Azelaic Acid! What makes this serum different than most is that it will clear your skin without irritation because of the added probiotics, hyaluronic acid, and willowherb.
  • Retinol. I use this once a week because retinol is the ingredient that literally every dermatologist or skincare guru swears by. I’ve tried a few different retinol products and often they cause peeling and redness, which is expected- but I can’t deal with it! This retinol from Drunk Elephant has one percent retinol and has never caused redness or irritation for me.

4. Eye Cream. I have THE MOST sensitive skin + eyes so if I use the wrong product I’ll wake up with THE MOST red + puffy eyes. This is the eye cream I use at night and it feels so good and has never ever caused any redness.

5. Moisturizer. The TULA Day + Night Cream is hands-down the best moisturizer of all time and might be my favorite Tula product to date. Once you try it you will crave this stuff because it will leave your skin feeling better than anything else!

6. Facial Oil + Jade Roll

  • Jade Roll. If you read this post and start one new thing, please let it be a jade rolling! PLEASE. Listen, I thought this was so stupid when I first saw a youtube video on it. But I’m telling you- it works. Jade Rolling does one million different things but what I have noticed the most is an increased definition in my cheeks (AKA, a natural contour) and less puffiness in my face + eyes. When you jade roll your skin you help with lymphatic drainage – so it pushes the fluid out + away from your face. I keep mine in the fridge and it feels so good! YOU CAN GET ONE FROM AMAZON HERE.
  • Facial Oil. Use a facial oil with a jade roller and your skin will be GLOWING when you wake up. I’ve tried a few different facial oils and I’ve been loving this one from Amazon. Here are a few others I have and love:

7. Lip Balm. I’ve been using The Fresh Advanced Therapy for years because there is nothing quite like it! Nothing!

I know this might seem like a lot, but if it’s any justification my makeup routine is much less complex, ha! I truly believe am able to spend less time + money on makeup when I take care of my skin because I don’t need to wear as much!

Definitely check out these value kits at a discounted price if you’re planning on purchasing or stocking up on more than one TULA product. My code works ALEXSTOUT works on the value kits as well, so you can get an extra 15% off, making it the best deal by far!

All my love,


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