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Halloween Decor from Amazon

It might just be because I am a forever Harry Potter fan, but Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday.. and it’s less than a month away 🙂 Since our Halloween decorations will only be up for a few weeks before we switch to Turkeys and pumpkins, I try not to spend too much on it.. Instead, I like to mix non-Halloween pieces I already have (like this Tom Ford Book) with affordable Halloween Decor from Amazon.

Shop all my Halloween Decor from Amazon:

One of my favorite candles! Smells SO good, there’s nothing quite like it!

OBSESSED with this bronze skull – it would look great on display on your coffee table or in your entryway.

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, these black cake stands are a must!

I love these black pumpkins! They’re under $20 and come in so many colors.

How cute are these black eucalyptus stems!? They’re a subtle way to decorate your home for Halloween without going over the top.

This beaded garland is under $7!! I plan on adding these to our coffee table.

These adhesive bats are probably my favorite Halloween decoration! They’re easy to stick to your wall, cabinets or windows!

Just ordered these battery-operated candles for our living room! These are great if you have little kids!

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