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Home Office Reveal

Chandelier | Desk | Chair | similar rug |Custom Framed Print (discount code ALEXVSTOUT)| Mirrored Console Table | Acrylic Jewelry Holders | Volcano Candle (30% off!) | similar pineapple | similar tray | chanel book

It’s interesting how undesirable an “open concept” designed home became in 2020. Sure, it’s GREAT when my child is watching Frozen for the 792nd time and I’m emptying the dishwasher, but when working from home, the whole “open concept thing” literally gives me a nervous breakdown.

As we are in the process of furnishing our new home (slowly but surely lol!) my home office was at the tippy top of my priorities! I emphasize the word my because this is not Andrew’s home office. While my sweet husband has always been so accepting of my love for pink, I would never ask him to take zoom calls from here! We converted one of the bedrooms upstairs into Andrew’s office and it’s been a dream (for both our marriage and sanity;)) to each have our own work space.

Okay about the office!

This room is still half empty and definitely not finished (and most days there are clothes ALL OVER the floors!), but I figured I could still share a quick design and decor update with you!

I knew I wanted an oversized white desk for the center of the room. This was the hardest piece to find, but I’m so glad I didn’t settle!! I do think that a traditional size desk would have been too small. This size fits the room perfectly and doesn’t actually look “oversized”. Side note: larger furniture items tend to look more expensive and elevate the entire space, in my opinion! When in doubt, size up! 🙂

The Art

I just put the art up and I’m so excited!! Even though this room still needs a a few other pieces, the art honestly pulled the entire room together! The watercolor pink art is actually a framed print from Canvaspop, which is where I’ve been ordering our frames for years!! (Remember this gallery wall from our last house?!)

I love ordering from here because Canvaspop prints and frames the photos FOR YOU! You just upload the image you want, choose the size, pick the perfect frame and you’re DONE. Your photo or print arrives framed and ready to hang! IT’S THE BEST.

Custom framed prints are and investment and definitely not cheap! That being said, I asked Canvaspop for a discount code for you guys and they were unbelievably generous. For the next two weeks, you can use code ALEXVSTOUT for 55% off anything from Canvaspop!!!

This is the highest discount code they have ever offered and exclusive for you guys!! The discount code is only valid for the next 2 weeks, so through the February 15th!

We have several Canvaspop prints throughout our home, so I’ll share a better look on my stories later today and throughout the week!

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