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Alex Malek


How To Layer Jewelry

Top | Jeans | Sunnies
Short Medallion Necklace | Long Medallion Necklace | Embellished hoop earrings

It seems like everyone and their mother has ditched bold statement jewelry in favor of wearing several daintier options simultaneously. Personally, I love layering jewelry because it allows me to take my favorite pieces of jewelry and create a look that speaks to my personal style.

While layering jewelry is a great way to give a trendy touch to an outfit, creating the perfect layered effect isn’t always as effortless as it seems. Enter, Ania Haie.

If you haven’t heard of Ania Haie I’m thrilled to introduce you to the brand today because you will want them on your radar! The founders of Ania Haie realized that today’s modern woman desired jewelry that focused on stacking and layering, which allows her to embrace her individuality.

Every piece is designed with the intention to be stacked and layered, yet with such unique detailing, they look just as good as standalone centerpieces. Which means that you can truly create a look that is YOURS. Don’t you love this?! These pieces all have a dainty to feel to them which allows them to layer beautifully so you can rest assured that whatever pieces you might pick, they will effortlessly layer together.

When I received my Ania Haie pieces in the mail my breath was taken away at the packaging, Yes, the packaging. Before I even saw the jewelry I was in love because I have never seen such a beautiful presentation. This would make such a great gift! Each jewelry piece is of quality in that is designed in either 925 sterling silver rhodium plating, 14kt yellow gold plating, or 14kt
rose gold plating.

Now for the very exciting part: Ania Haie is offering One Love readers 15% off everything on their site! Use code ALEX15 at checkout for 15% of your entire order!

My style of jewelry tends to be trendy, but classic in the sense I tend to stick to one metal at a time (aka I’m not the girl that mixes yellow gold and rose gold! Lol!) SO I put together two different sets of jewelry from Ania Haie that I am completely in love with (A rose gold set and yellow gold). I have linked all of my selections below! However, let me encourage you to celebrate your style by creating your own unique look!

Remember, use code ALEX15 at checkout for 15% off!!

All my love,


Thank you Ania Haie for sponsoring this post. All opinions and selections are my own!


Gold: Short Medallion Neclace| Long Medallion Necklace | Embellished Hoop Earrings

Rose Gold: Turquoise Choker Necklace | Drop Disc Necklace | Front Hoop Earrings

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