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How We Transitioned Ava Into Her Crib

In light of Ava turning SIX MONTHS OLD last week, I wanted to share how we finally got her sleeping in her crib! And finally out of her swaddle!

First of all, how is my child six months old?! I mean her life is flying by. She is practically a toddler. I mean almost a teenager. She is basically an adult… and I still have no idea what I’m doing! Lol! So this would be a great time to make a disclaimer: Most days I have no idea what I am doing as a mom. So take all of this with a big ol’ grain of salt! However, I have a passion for sharing things that I love, so I am excited to share this with you!

From the day Ava came home from the hospital she has slept in our bedroom, swaddled in her bassinet. By the time she was 8 weeks old, she was sleeping 8-10 hours a night. By 12 weeks, Ava was sleeping 12 hours a night! At this point, I could have tried to transition her into her crib but I didn’t want to mess up a good thing, ya know??

And then of course, you have everyone’s comments and opinions in your ear: “The longer you wait the harder it will be”, “It’s harder on you than it is on the baby”, or my personal favorite: “If you wait too long you will never be able to get her out of her swaddle”

So I took a few of these opinions to heart (but not really) and tried to get Ava to sleep without her swaddle. AND SHE WOULD NOT SLEEP. Which meant that I could not sleep! Knowing that I could not possibly function as a mom without any sleep, I told myself that a few more weeks of Ava swaddled in her bassinet would be just fine and we would deal with it later! So, at three months old Ava went back to her swaddle and slept like an angel. The girl loves her swaddle.

Fast forward to when Ava was five months old: Still in her swaddle, sleeping like a champ. One day out of nowhere, the child decided to roll-over while she was playing on her playmat. Before I tell you my initial reaction, I will admit that my reaction should have probably been something along the lines of excitement and pride that Ava was developmentally capable of rolling over. But if I am being honest, my first thought was: “oh no, she can’t sleep with her swaddle anymore” (As I am sure you already know, it is considered unsafe for babies to sleep in a swaddle once they can roll-over on their own).

And so began the mission to get Ava to sleep without her swaddle. I will save you all of the details, but I tried everything from “half-swaddling”, to multiple sleep sacks, different bodysuits, and nothing worked. I kept trying and trying and trying. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Until we tried THIS. THIS YOU GUYS!!! I still can’t believe it worked. It was so easy too!! The Kyte BABY Sleep Bag worked from the second I put Ava in it. With my husband as my witness, the actual second I put it on her for the first time she fell asleep immediately. Like, instantly. It was crazy.

Ava sleeping in The Sleep Bag

So what is this magic? Let me explain. This is a Sleep Bag that was created by the geniuses over at Kyte BABY. Kyte BABY created a Sleep Bag made of 97% rayon of bamboo which somehow works like a magic charm. In addition, Kyte BABY has created these sleep bags in three “TOGS” so that you can get the sleep sack that is right for your baby. What is TOG? When they say TOG, they are referring to the Thermal Overall Grade of the fabric, or in simpler terms, how much heat the fabric retains. Ava sleeps great in the 1.0 TOG. You can read more about TOG to figure out which one is best for you HERE.

I also want to mention that I completely adore Kyte BABY clothing as well. Their baby clothes are made from the same, wonderful Bamboo rayon as the Sleep Bag, which makes them silky soft and extra stretchy! In the pictures, Ava is wearing the Short-Sleeved Bodysuit and the Footie in the color Dusk.

Kyte BABY is a family-owned & operated company that promotes the smart use of resources and sustainability in everything that they do. You can read more about them here, but I am telling you that their products are gold.

Sleep Bag | Long-sleeve Footie |Short-sleeve Bodysuit

Now for the exciting part! If you are interested in trying their products then you are in the right place today, my friend! Because:

Kyte BABY is offering all One Love By Alex readers 20% off their entire site!

How great is that?! You can use code ALEX20 at checkout for 20% off anything and everything on their site! Also, I will be gifting one $50 Kyte BABY gift card to someone this week on Instagram so stay tuned for that!

Now that I have shared my favorite baby-find, I need all the Moms to tell me what your favorite baby item is?! This first-time mom needs to know!

All my love,


This post was sponsored by Kyte BABY. All choices and opinions are my own.

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