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June Top Sellers

These are my favorite type of blog posts to read! A little bit of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle -all in one post! 🙂 Most of these items I shared on my Instagram and they never even made it on the blog, (and if I shared on stories they disappear after 24 hours on Instastories) but these were the most loved items!! So, without further ado, there were the top sellers from June!

Amazon Midi Dress

I wore this dress on Father’s Day and got so many questions on stories. It’s $22 from Amazon I can’t recommend it more!! I actually purchased it last year (in 3 colors lol) and still wear it all the time, so I guess that speaks to the quality! The drawstring detail and slit makes it both flattering AND super comfortable on a hot summer day. This dress fits and flows in all the right places, cinching the waist, giving a pretty movement when walking! See all 10 colors HERE.

Tory Burch Manon Flip Flops

These are hands down my most worn sandal and I’m pretty sure that’s because they are basically a very elegant flip flop! Lol! I have them in three colors and couldn’t be more excited that they are currently 40% off! They are available in nude, black, and gold, so you can wear them with almost anything, no matter what color you get. These are the perfect easy-to-wear sandals, whether you’re at the beach, poolside, or simply looking for an everyday sandal. I promise you will live in them!

Rainbow Beaded Bracelets

Colorful beaded bracelets have been a huge trend this summer, and I’m LOVING it. These $10 bracelets are hand hand-beaded by a creator on Etsy, making this a great way to support small businesses during this time! You can wear them alone, or with other bracelets for a fun and colorful arm party.  I paired them with these gold bead bracelets, and I love how they look together!

Palm-Print Maxi Dress

Out of every item on the list, this has been the most consistent selling item. I shared this dress back in the Memorial Day sales post, and it has been a top seller every week since! I love how comfy it is, but somehow so stunning. The rainbow bracelets I mentioned above would accent this dress perfectly too, don’t you think?!

Gorjana Star Necklace

The star trend is coming in HOT right now and I kinda love it!! Dantier jewelry is my favorite for summer and this pretty star pendant necklace fits the bill perfectly. It’s made by Gorjana (aka amazing quality) so you can plan on wearing it for seasons to come and never have to worry about it fading/turning color. In the photo, I’m wearing it with this gingham cami, and I think it pulls the whole look together!


No surprise this one made the list again. 🙂 I’m convinced it’s the best SPF out there. It leaves the best natural glow with ZERO white cast, and will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about SPF!! Even on days when I stay inside I still wear it because it protects against blue light from computers and cell phone. My tip is to wear this with the face filter primer (which was just released in a supersized edition!) With or without makeup, these two products look beauuuuuutiful together. My code ALEXSTOUT will get you 15% off.

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