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Living for Lilac

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Happy almost Friday, friends! I wanted to share my latest love, the color lilac. I know I know, it’s very “2018”. True, purple hues were all the range last year. However, I am happy to report that this color is on trend again for Spring and Summer 2019 (read about it here)! Praise!

I can totally get on board with this trend because I have been living for this color! Every time I see something this in this color I am completely drawn to it. Call me crazy, but when I wear this color my entire mood just feels “lighter”. Side note, the day I took these pictures I woke up in a terrible mood… However, once I changed into this dress I was like, ” I just feel so good!” Ha! This color just makes me happy!

That being said, I had no trouble rounding up some beautiful lilac-colored finds below. Many of these items are on sale so be sure to check those out! These dresses would be perfect for any shower, event, or wedding you may have coming up. I’m also adding some lilac-colored tops and accessories that you could wear on the daily to brighten your mood on those days you just need it! 🙂

I hope you find something you love!

All my love,





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