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Alex Malek


Meal Planning + The Amazon Sweater Everyone Needs.

Amazon sweater | Leggings | Boots (40% off with code Merry40) | Earrings | Necklace| Purse (BEST Chloe dupe you will ever find!)

Last night I cooked dinner and I’m feeling so proud of myself!! Salmon, roasted veggies, garlic potatoes, kale ceasar salad, and it was DELISH. I am determined to start cooking 3 times a week. I really don’t mind cooking (or cleaning up for that matter), it’s the grocery shopping I can’t deal with. I know some people that LIVE for a good Trader Joe’s haul, and I wish I was that person! It might be the PTSD from throwing up at just the thought of a grocery store pregnant OR the fact that I seem to B-line for the gummy bears every time I’m within range of them, but shopping for produce is just not my thing these days.

I should let you know that this post is NOT sponsored because I know how sponsored this is about to sound…I am just very excited about this!!

A few weeks ago I discovered Prime Now, which is Amazon’s grocery delivery service that saves lives. Did you guys know about this?!! APPARENTLY I’ve been living under a rock because this is nothing new. You literally order groceries on the app and it arrives in your house in 2 hours. 2 hours, you guys. And it’s free if you have a Prime membership. You’re welcome 😉

While we are on the subject of Amazon, THIS is the one sweater you need in every single color. (Make sure you get the ribbed print!) I’ve shared it in white a few times and it was a top seller from last year! Actually, out of all the Amazon try-ons from 2019, this sweater was the top-selling Amazon product on my site. It’s under $20, one size fits all, and THE softest sweater you will ever find! You can see it in white HERE and the full try-on is saved to my Amazon story highlights HERE.


Also, I always get questions about this purse. It’s from Avara and the best Chloe dupe you will ever find! You can purchase it here. Everything else is linked below!

All my love,


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