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Mira Fertility Review: Discount code + everything you need to know!

Mira Fertility Review

mira fertilty review
mira fertilty review
mira fertilty review
mira fertilty review

There’s a post in one of my Facebook groups that made me stop and read it again. It says, “There are so many people struggling with infertility.” I don’t know if there is something in the air, but I noticed that a lot of friends who are trying for their second child recently told me they’re struggling even more than when they were first starting out.

With so many people struggling with infertility, I wanted to share The Mira Fertility Tracker. I’ve been testing out over the past month and it’s amazing! I will definitely be using this when we start trying for baby #2!

Mira Fertility Review

mira fertilty review

Mira Fertility Review

What is Mira Fertility?

Mira is a personalized ovulation monitoring system that’s connected to your phone through an innovative app designed specifically for women who are trying to conceive. It tracks the numeric LH and Estrogen hormone levels so you can make informed decisions about when it might be the best time to try. It even tracks how long it will take before conception becomes possible!

Mira was created with one goal in mind: help couples have children of their own by providing them with the information they need every step of the way during each stage of fertility.

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How Mira Works:

The Mira fertility tracker measures your exact Estrogen-Estradiol Metabolite(E3G) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels. Because Mira gives you the exact numbers (Most other ovulation products on the market work by simply giving you a positive or negative) this allows you to get an even larger fertile window of six days. This actually doubles the chance of getting pregnant!

Mira Fertility Review

How to use it:

Mira Fertility Revi

When my Mira tracker arrived I found it very easy to set up and get started with. First, I downloaded the app on my phone. I then synced the device in about a minute or two and it’s ready! When it’s time to test, I just do it first thing in the morning! It takes 10 seconds to use it, and then you insert the wand in the analyzer and walk away! After that, the ovulation hormone concentration result will sync into the Mira App in about 15-20 minutes!

In the app you will see your exact hormone levels and your fertility score for the day. You can also access your hormone curve, which will show how your hormone levels are changing throughout your cycle.

Mira Fertility Review

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mira fertilty review

Other benefits:

Mira Fertility Review

  • My phone will notify me on the app on what days to test (for me, it’s been every 3-4 days), so Mira will learn your cycles and patterns. The amount you have to test is personalized based on your results!
  • It’s actually super easy because the syncing happens wirelessly and automatically!
  • One of my favorite features is that it actually tells you when your next fertile window starts!
  • While it does give you very in-depth information about your cycle, it has also taught me so much about my hormones and body!
  • I know someone that said the Mira Fertility Tracker helped her talk about her struggle with infertility. She said that she is able to talk openly with her friends about what’s happening in their lives.
  • Recently Mira launched a new Mira Confirm Wands that identify your progesterone levels can help you confirm ovulation.

Discount code?

Yes, duh 😉 Use code ALEX10 and get 10% off the Mira Fertility Plus Starter Kit. (includes the Mira fertility analyzer, deluxe carry pouch, charging cable, user manual and instructions, 10 fertility wands and 10 urine cups)

CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE MIA FERTILITY PLUS STARTER KIT + use code ALEX10 and get 10% off at checkout!

mira fertilty review

This post was created in collaboration with Mira Fertility. All opinions are my own!

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