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Morning Routine Must-Haves

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not NATURALLY a morning person. I mean is anyone??! Actually, yes. My husband will in fact talk your ear off about anything under the sun at 5 am. I, on the other hand, prefer silence until about 11 AM. So you can see how this cuppa coffee is necessary.

Anyway, I tell you this because while I may not be a natural “morning person”, I have actually grown to LOVE mornings. Not in the “LETS WAKE UP EARLY AND CHIT-CHAT” way (hard no.), but more in the “this is my time to get organized, have a quick workout, and clear my head before dealing with real-life” kind of way.

Let’s get this morning started, shall we?

6:00 alarm

I just get up. Make the bed. Mind over matter. I can hear Andrew making espresso in the kitchen, so this makes getting out of bed easier.

6:15 water

I head to the kitchen and fill up my water bottle with yup, WATER. I know most people start their day with coffee but I’m telling you, chug a glass of water before your coffee and thank me later. It’s healthy, hydrates you, and gets your metabolism going for the day! I love it and this INSTANTLY wakes me up. This rose gold water bottle from Amazon with timestamps is my favorite!

I’ll make my cup of caffeine (occasionally an espresso, but usually green tea) and head into my office.

6:30 devotional + prayer

This is the first thing I do because it establishes my mentality of, “I’m putting God first.” I always start with a devotional {I’m currently going through this devotional and LOOOVE it btw}, read the associated Bible verses, and then journal my prayer. I journal my prayer because I find my mind starts to wonder (probably because I’m still half asleep lol!) so it keeps me focused!

7:00 planning

okay, I’m actually awake now. I’ll start on emails, check Instagram, and plan my day. When it comes to planners, I am a list-maker. I write down what needs to get done for the day and check it off as I go! If you’re looking for an actual calendar planner, this daily planner is my favorite. But if you just need a daily to-do list, I love this to-do notepad from Amazon.

8:00 workout

The hardest part of my day has already happened (getting up early!) and now it’s just time to sweat for 30 minutes. My workout of choice is definitely running! While I know there are much more exciting/fun workouts I could do, a 30-minute run is my thing!! It’s quick, effective, and I don’t have to think or plan it!

Side note on workouts: If you love the ease of a home workout, I can’t recommend a treadmill more!! We invested in a treadmill after we had Ava and HOLY MOLY it was the best thing we ever did!!! If I could afford to buy every new mom I know it would a treadmill! When Ava was a baby I would jump on it during her nap time and then I would feel like normal person 30 minutes later (which is exactly what you need post-partum lol!)

I know a ton of people who have a Peloton bike and say the same thing! I think it’s just a personal preference of running vs spinning. I’ve never been much of a spin class person so we decided on a treadmill. Andrew did a ton of research and chose this treadmill from Amazon. It’s super sturdy and would definitely purchase it again. We love it!

8:45 Get dressed

After I get Ava up and ready for school, (Her pre-school is just down the street so either myself or Andrew will run her down there) I will shower and get ready.

Skincare is what I need to point out here because this is my favorite part of my morning and just so relaxing! While you know I love TULA, there are so many great products out there to choose from! So in addition to whichever A.M. skincare products your currently using, I have two recommendations you could add-in:

#1 Ice Roller: You know those mornings when you wake up and your face feels puffy? That’s me every morning of my life.. so an ice roller is essential for me in the AM! I use it for around two minutes, rolling “up” my face. It’s great for de-puffing eyes, lymphatic drainage (or just looking like you’re more awake lol) but also good for tightening pores. This one is under $10 from Amazon!

#2 Super Beauty Elixir from Glotrition aka my morning beauty drink! Do you have one?! This is the collagen supplement I take since it has been clinically proved and scientifically validated to stimulate new collagen formation, resulting in increased hair thickness, skin firmness, and wrinkle depth. The Super Beauty Elixir is a collagen peptide drink mix that contains hyaluronic acid, biotin, and a targeted blend of powerful antioxidants– which makes this the ultimate beauty drink!! It’s super delish and the taste is addictive, but I find that I crave this stuff now because it gives my skin such a glow (pun intended ;)) throughout the day!!

Glotrition gave me an amazing discount which they said I could share with you!

You can use my code ALEX50 for 50% off your first order + free glass water bottle, which makes it $25, you guys!!! $25 and ships free!

I’m linking a few must-have products below that help me stick to and enjoy my morning routine! Once you get started, mornings will become your jam!!

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