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My 5 Step Self-Tanner Routine

EVERY time I share a self-tanner on Instagram I get so many questions! I say questions, but it’s more like messages from girls expressing their INTENSE fears they have surrounding self-tanners. Ha, I’m not kidding. A few common concerns:

  • “Will this make me look orange?”
  • “What if it leaves steaks?”
  • “I thought self-tanners smell weird?”
  • “I’m terrified of self-tanners.”

I think self-tanner gets a bad reputation because years ago formulations weren’t what they are today. But today- we all know that faux glow is best! So keep an open mind, because a bronzed glow can boost your mood + self-confidence like nothing else!

I’ll share an easy 5 step routine, my tips, and a few self-tanners made with GREAT formulas, so you won’t look orange 😉

Routine + Tips

Once, a week I apply a self-tanner mousse, and here’s what that looks like:

1. Exfoliate + Shave: First, I either exfoliate with a loofa or I’ll use a body scrub. I love this one because it preps your skin for the best shave!

2. Moisturize: ankles, knees, elbows, wrists first. Any moisturizer is fine for this! I’ve been using this one from Target for years!

3. Apply with a mitt: don’t be scared, and just go for it! I use 3-5 pumps for each leg + arm. I’ve been using this self-tanning mousse and I LOVE how it comes out completely clear.

4. Face: I personally don’t like to use a tanning mousse on my face. I’ve been using this anti-aging tanning serum. I mix it in with my moisturizer twice a week.

TIP: Use a hairdryer after applying! You want to make sure that the self-tanner is dry and not sticky before you get dressed. This may seem weird, but I turn a hairdryer on the cool setting and dry my entire body and it speeds up the process- ha!

5. Maintenance: Mix a tanning serum or tanning drops in with your moisturizer after you shower. You can do this every day! Recently I’ve been using this tanning serum with this body butter and I’m obsessed with it! I also love these tanning drops in shade ‘dark‘.

Even though there are self-tanners that are much better quality than others, I honestly don’t think that there is a “one size fits all” self-tanner. Your natural skin color + type play a part in the final result, so it might take some trial + error to find your perfect self-tanner.

Once you get into the routine of it, I know you will love the results!

All my love,


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