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November Amazon Prime Finds

This is probably no surprise, but there are a few of you who are only here for the Amazon reviews! HA and I don’t blame you! While Amazon is incredibly convenient, it super hit or miss. You either find the most incredible $20 leggings, or you’re returning a top that looks like it could be a dress. So you have to read the reviews and watch all the try-ons. I feel ya girl. So here’s a roundup of a few recent Amazon finds that are total wins!

I mean would this even be an amazon haul without a colorblock sweater? 😉 This chunky knit is surprisingly lightweight so I’ve been loving it lately for the weather that can’t seem to make up its mind on what season we are in. The fit is oversized and sleeves are flowy which makes it feel extra cozy. I am in a size small.

If you work in an office you need this! I love a duster cardigan because it literally feels like I’m walking around with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders! Many times Amazon cardigans feel like a lower quality, but the material on this one is thick and feels SO good.

If you prefer a shorter length that is a true cardigan THIS ONE is amazing!

A printed sweater is the easiest way to update a typical “sweater + jeans” look. You can keep your jewlery minimal, throw your hair up, and head out! You can see the full post here.

I read THREE articles (example) last week that said ‘Tiger Orange’ is one of the top colors for fall. This trend feels very Hermes and I am so here for it! This pullover has a longer length and a looser fit, so it works great for that “effortless/off-the-shoulder look”. Just make sure you wear it with a tighter pant to balance the look!

I can’t stop with this Sweatshirt guys! I’ve only had this one for a month so I don’t know if it will last as long as my Northface (that I’ve had for 5 years). But honestly, it feels so similar to a designer brand sweatshirt and for the price you really can’t beat it.

Such a cute fall dress right!? It’s $25 and available in a few different colors. The babydoll fit definitely makes this a WIN for thanksgiving. For reference, I am 5’1″ and wearing a size small. and it’s a little longer on me, but if you’re taller this would work great!

These bracelets are 18K rose gold and only $20?! I had to order because I could not get over the price. They are so beautiful in person you guys! I wore it with this braided bracelet and I love it!

Y Necklace Let me mention this necklace while we are on the subject of jewelry. I ordered this necklace for my mom (who does not read my blog! Lol!) They are the same brand as the necklace above and only $16.

Okay now that we’re talking about gifts, let me mention one last thing! I always recommend Glamorous Wash because it will literally make you LOVE to do your laundry and your entire home will smell like a chic boutique. So I ordered this gift set (ha, for myself) which comes with three of the laundry scents, 3 candles, and leopard candle votives for under $25!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

All my love,


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