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Our Kitchen Remodel: Before + After Photos

For an extrovert, I spend a considerable amount of time at home. Parenting has turned me into a true homebody and I’ve grown to love it! That being said, I knew when we started the home renovations that the kitchen was a MUST. I spend my morning’s here with Ava and end my day here cleaning the entire space. Ha. All jokes aside, the kitchen is where we spend the most time together and if we have friends over this is the place that everyone seems to gravitate toward!

So here’s our before and after! I’ll link all the sources below! 



Updating just the countertops and backsplash made a WORLD of a difference. We used 9 Brothers Construction for this and a few other home updates and I literally recommend them to everyone!! This is in no way sponsored, they are just an amazing company with the kindest people. You can reach out to them HERE.

Countertops: Quartz, Stratus White

Backsplash: White Subway Tile + White Grout.

Acrylic Cabinet Pulls: 3″ hole center. From Amazon, HERE.

Brass Faucet: From Amazon, HERE.

Clear Barstools: From Amazon, HERE.

White Curtains: From Homegoods, similar HERE.

Gold Curtain Rods: From Amazon, HERE.

Dining Table: on sale! HERE

Dining Chairs (large): From Amazon, HERE.

Dining Chairs (small): From Amazon, HERE.

Chandelier Lighting (above dining table): From Amazon, HERE.

Decor + Candles:

This one updated space has somehow made our entire home feel lighter, brighter, and happier! It feels like us and I love it.

All my love,


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