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Alex Malek


Kitchen + Pantry Organization

When we first moved into this house, I could not care less about the kitchen. I’m sure you can relate to that feeling on moving day- “I can’t unpack one more box!” … But one year later, we STILL had unpacked moving boxes filling the floor of our pantry. It was so bad, you guys! So since the start of this year, I’ve been determined to get this space organized!

However, with this determination came the overwhelming problem of “I have no idea where to start.” (I think that’s why I put this off for so long) So I hit Pinterest for some inspo and after 30 seconds of scrolling, it hit me- let’s not organize the pantry, let us decorate it. 😉

Once I started to think of this as a decor project, this whole thing became so fun! So my goal was to make it pretty, yet functional. I wanted our go-to snacks, foods, and drinks to be easily accessible but still look aesthetic, if you know what I mean? So if the pantry door was left open, it would still look pretty- like an open shelf concept, if you will!

It’s funny because I started with these gold baskets and brass canisters (I’ll link what I used below) and then kept adding on as things came to me. This is the same way I decorate any space- it just evolves over time. It doesn’t need to be perfect that first day!

Sharing our kitchen and pantry organization essentials below!

These brass grid baskets are great for storing bags of chips and snacks!

I also love using these perforated baskets to store boxed foods, cans and extra bags of snacks.

These magnetic label holders and the best because you can easily swap and move them around as you organize.

For the actual labels, these are the only set of pantry labels you will ever need! This set comes with 375 labels for all your kitchen and fridge ingredients.

I use these reusable ZipTop bags for everything! They’re freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe (super easy to clean), completely nontoxic, and the best part: NEVER HAVE A MISSING TUPPERWARE LID AGAIN! They ship free from the ZipTop site and you can use code ALEX for 15% off! Shop them HERE.

This bamboo kitchen drawer organizer will keep your drawers neat and organized at all times.

These adjustable drawer dividers are great for separating large kitchen drawers.

I love this spice rack organizer. It’s adjustable and expandable so it’ll fit any cabinet or shelf perfectly!

I ordered this spice jar set to give our spice rack a cohesive look. Comes in a set of 10 jars.

I love using these neat method brass lid canisters for pasta, rice and baking essentials. They’re airtight and come in four different sizes too!

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