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Review Of The New TULA Products

TULA recently launched four new products. So naturally, I had to try them. I briefly shared these products on stories when they first launched so you might recognize them. But now that I’ve been using them for a few weeks I feel like I can give you a true review!

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So in case you’ve been intrigued with all the buzz they’ve been getting on social media, here’s what you need to know:

Balanced Beauty Probiotic Gummy Vitamins 

If there was ever a TULA product created for me. If you watch my stories you know my addiction obsession with gummy bears. On top of that, I’m a total supplement junkie and take all the things! So you an imagine my excitement when TULA launched this Probiotic Gummy. Here’s what it does:

  • Probiotics:help calm bloating & promote digestive health & balance
  • Biotin + Folic Acid: helps maintain healthy hair, skin & nails 
  • Berry Blend: powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals (blend has cranberry, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, elderberry)
  • Organic Inulin: prebiotic that helps maintain digestive balance

After taking these for a couple of weeks my ONLY problem with it is that the serving size is only two gummies! Ha, they taste so good I want to eat the entire container. If you’re looking to try a new probiotic, I can’t recommend this one more!!

Makeup Melt Makeup Removing Balm

I shared in my full skincare routine that I use this cleansing oil to remove makeup. To me, this balm is a cleansing oil in a stick. So you can use this as your double cleanse. Oh, and if you don’t double cleanse on the days you wear makeup, you’re missing out!

Here’s the cliff notes version on double-cleansing. Adding in a double cleanse will change ALL of the products you apply to work BETTER. Let me explain:

When you apply an oil-based cleanser first, you breakdown the makeup, SPF, and any oil-based products. Then you follow with your normal cleanser to actually clean your skin. Now you have a clean canvas for the rest of your skincare products to work their best, with nothing in the way. I’ll link both my regular cleansing oil and this new balm here:

Breakout Star Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer

I’ve been using this for a little over two weeks and I’m obsessed. If you’re familiar with the TULA acne serum you will love this because it’s basically a stronger version of that! It contains 2% salicylic acid, which is amazing at fighting acne. BUT what makes this different than most acne moisturizers is the added probiotics to lock in moisture and prevent irritation. So basically- this is an acne moisturizer that will never dry out your skin!!

Brighten Up Smoothing Primer Gel

If your foundation separates or you have giant pores (HI THAT’S ME), this is for you! When I saw that TULA was launching a new primer I was like, “But wait how will this be any better than the Face Filter primer?!” So here’s the thing: It’s not better, its just different.

The first primer from TULA ( Face Filter) has color correcting beads and is super moisturizing! You can wear this with or without makeup to even out your skin tone with a subtle glow.

The new Brighten Up Primer feels like a true a silicone-primer that you would find from most makeup brands, except its made with ZERO silicone. It smooths out the texture, decreases the appearance of pores, and literally GRIPS your makeup to keep it in place all day.

I find myself wearing the Face Filter on days when I’m not wearing makeup or just wearing a tinted moisturizer (running errands, working from home, etc.)! I use the new Brighten Up whenever I’m wearing foundation (shooting photos, date nights, events /parties, seeing friends, etc!)

I’ll link both primers here!

To see exactly how this all fits in, I shared my full skincare routine HERE.

Use code ALEXSTOUT for 15% off these products + your entire TULA purchase

All my love,


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