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The Best of August

One of my 2019 new year resolutions was to set a goal or two at the beginning of each month, and then look back at the end of the month and see how it went. So far I’ve been loving that I can space my goals out throughout the year, instead of creating 14 goals January 1. As I was looking back on August, I thought it would be fun to remember all the good and share a few favorites. These are a mix of personal favorites and top sellers on One Love by Alex.

Favorite Accessory

If you haven’t heard, headbands are the new pink!;) If you’re short on time and you need to wash your hair, just throw your hair up in a pony and add a headband! I mean who needs dry-shampoo anymore. For an added touch of glam, the headbands with pearl embellishment are the best pick. I love this set of three from Amazon.

Favorite Fall Find

I shared this cardigan on stories last month and you guys seemed to love it! The white and tan color is a bright spin on the traditional leopard print. I plan to wear it with white denim flares and these wedges. 🙂

Favorite Skincare Product

Hands-down, The Face Filter Primer. Think of this as the “Paris” filter on Instagram for your skin! In the blog post from last month about how to balance your skin we talked all about Tula, but I didn’t mention this product! While this product works great as a primer for foundation, I love to wear it on the days when I don’t wear makeup because it color corrects your skin. It changes color on application to adapt to your skin tone, smooth imperfections and reduce redness. It literally acts like a filter for your face! Use code ALEXSTOUT to get 20% off of this primer or anything from Tula! You can read more about Tula here.

Favorite Amazon Find

This dress might be the best Amazon dress I have ever worn! It is available in a few colors, but you need to see how pretty it is in red. The tiers and layers give this dress more of a luxe look and the material is lightweight so it has been great to wear while its 119 degrees in Texas. 😉

Favorite New Find

You know when you have a product that you don’t even want to use because you want to save it? Ha, that is me with this foundation! I wanted to try a new foundation last month so I picked up this one by Chanel and I think it is the most beautiful one I have ever tried! It applies so smoothly with the prettiest finish. It somewhat reminds me of the Armani Luminous Silk in the finish, but it wears throughout the day so much better! I only wear about once or twice a week (on the daily I am still in love with this tinted moisturizer), but this new find is truly is one of the best foundations I have ever worn!

Favorite Outfit

We all love a good a maxi dress, but this can be hard to take through the fall so I am VERY excited to jump on the maxi skirt bandwagon! I love that this outfit can easily be worn in fall with a cropped jacket. This skirt is sold out, but here a few other similar ones to grab on sale:

Favorite Beauty Product

This is the only self-tanner I have been using! I love that I can just add this to my normal routine without having to take an hour to self-tan. It leaves a noticeable and natural-looking color on your skin. I shared all the details you will ever need to know about it in a blog post last month! You can read it here.

Favorite Read

This devotional is so good, you guys!! It was actually gifted to my mom, but I look forward to reading it every morning! It really hits home for me. I love it because the readings are more substantial than most other daily devotionals that I’ve read, but it isn’t so deep that I don’t have the energy to read it! I found it on Amazon here.

Your Favorite Item

This was the most-shopped item on One Love by Alex last month, and they are probably my favorite earrings of all time! I actually bought them in a second color because that’s what you do when you find your favorite earrings of all time, am I right?! The white color has sold out, but they are still in stock in two other colors. I purchased them in the pink and I LOVE them! They are currently on sale for 40% off here.

I was also very into Bachelor in Paradise, and the obsession is still going strong this month. Ava loves watching it too, it’s the cutest thing! I literally can’t handle that this season is ending soon. I mean WHAT WILL I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO ON MONDAY.

I hope you enjoyed this little round-up!! Did you have any favorites from last month?! Let me know!

All my love,


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