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Alex Malek


The Swimsuit Edit | 2021 Swimsuit Trends

Dallas Fashion Blogger, Alex Stout, shares comfortable swimwear trends for 2021, and reviews the best swimsuits for spring and summer

2021 Swimsuit Trends

Few things would give more joy than to live in swimsuit season year round. Maybe it’s because swimsuits are nostalgic for vacay memories, but yesterday I wore a bikini while I cleaned the house. Go ahead and giggle, but I had every intention of spending an hour in the sun! I admit, I never made it out to the pool! So I spent the entire day inside the house while wearing a swimsuit – but it was literally my perfect Monday. There is something about swim that instantly elevates my mood! It’s like chocolate- but so much better.

2021 Swimsuit Trends

If you think I’m crazy right about now (swimsuits are not comfortable?!), I totally get you and have been there!! But friends: swimsuits are like jeans- once you find the perfect fit, it will become your favorite thing to wear! So how do you find the sisterhood of-traveling-swimsuit?! Comfort MUST be the #1 priority. Comfort = Confidence. You want a suit you can enjoy yourself in and actually GO SWIMMING in! Not something with 15 cutouts that you constantly have to adjust. Find your comfy suit and live your best life!!

2021 Swimsuit Trends

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I’m rounded up some of my favorites above (from my go-to swimsuit brands!), but I also thought it might be helpful to share my personal must-haves for comfy swimsuit. This is my swimsuit checklist!

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Dallas Fashion Blogger, Alex Stout, shares comfortable swimwear trends for 2021, and reviews the best swimsuits for spring and summer
  1. No underwire. You want it to fit like a supportive sports bra! because remember, think comfy! Would you rather wear a real bra or a sports bra? exactly.
  2. Mix and match sizing: meaning the top and bottom are sold separately. Seems obvious, but any two-piece swimsuit that is sold as a set, usually means you should run in the other direction.
  3. Could you run a lap around the neighborhood without constantly needing to adjust it? Just go try, girl!! I’m kidding. But THAT is how comfortable you want it to be! You don’t want to be constantly adjusting it!

My top two favorite swim brand are BECCA and PQ Swim! I’ve linked more of my favorite styles below! 🙂

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