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Elevate Your Everyday Style with Victoria Emerson

Tee | Jeans | Belt | Pearl Headband
Sunglasses | Necklace

The past 6 months have been…I mean, I don’t even have words. Okay let me try again. The past 6 months were filled with… change?? Yes, let’s go with change! I guess I was craving the feeling of a “fresh start” and I figured why not start with dying my hair! I mean what better way to deal with change by throwing in some more?! 

Hello and welcome to my quarter-life crisis!! 😉 

Considering I actually used to PREACH that I would never dye my hair, I actually can’t believe I did it! So far I am loving it. By the way, I’ve been researching the best hair care products like it is my J-O-B. So you know I will be the first to update you when I find some good stuff! 

In other news, you know those Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets you keep seeing on everyone? I wanted to see what all the hype was about, so I decided to give them a shot and YOU GUYS!! It has been wonderful! I have no idea why it took me so long to jump on the Victoria Emerson bandwagon because these wrap bracelets are the most lightweight and comfortable accessory I have ever worn.

As most days I’m mom-ing it, jeans and a tee have become my jam. I throw on one or two of these bracelets with a pair of sandals and I’m DONE. Best part: I look like I tried, but it was so easy! Ha! Because they are so lightweight, I can easily stack them and I don’t even know I am wearing them!

These pictures were taken at different times, but I did that on purpose to hopefully show you the versatility of the different ways the can be styled. I just mix and match them depending on my mood! It’s the best! 

I also tried out one of there magnetic cuffs and it’s the most genius idea!! If you want an easy hack for stacked bracelets, this is it! These cuffs give you the look of stacked bracelets, without actually having to stack them, because they are several “bracelets” stacked into one magnetic clasp. It’s the look of several bracelets, but no fuss! You know I grabbed the one that had the pink in it, but they have a ton of different options that are all so unique and different from each other: 

Right now their ENTIRE site is buy one, get one free! Which is the lowest price I’ve ever seen them. 🙂 If I had to pick two, it would probably be this one and this one, but my guess is that the leopard print will sell-out because animal print just tends to sell out these days! Ha, I will add some more of the best from the site below!

All my love,


This post was sponsored by Victoria Emerson. All selections and opinions are my own!

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