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Daily Supplements and Where I Buy Them

I am one of those people that very much believes in vitamins and supplements! (But I also very much believe in eating gluten and sugar;)) However, supplements are my thing. I would even take it so far as to say some of them have changed my life (dramatic).

As a child I took my gummy vitamins, nothing crazy. I have no idea why but when I was in college I became very interested in vitamins so started researching different types, taking them regularly, and through trial and error I found ones that work really well for me! I am obviously not a doctor so please take all of this with a grain of salt, but I am a nurse so that has to count for something right? 😉

I buy all my vitamins and supplements off Amazon because I have found that they have the most options and by far the best prices! Here is a list of what I take and why:

Super B-Comlex: I think everyone has heard about the importance of B-12 but I really like this one because it has all your B Vitamins. So important for healthy metabolism and energy levels. This complex includes Biotin as well, which is important for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Activated Charcoal: A life changing one if you ask me! Sounds weird, but try and hear me out!  Activated charcoal is a natural, really gentle, internal cleanser. It works to absorb the impurities and toxins it comes across and carry them safely through the digestive system. This stuff is pretty cool because you can take it preventively but it also works immediately. You know when you eat something and for whatever reason you feel kinda sick or bloated after? If I take one of these pills I feel way better within 30 minutes, its like Tums but way better! This ALSO works preventively if you take this before or after you drink alcohol. I love red wine, but occasionally, even just one glass can make me feel “off” the next day. Activated Charcoal truly works for me when it comes to this! I took this on my wedding night after having a few drinks because I wanted to feel good the next day for our Day After Brunch and it worked like a charm. Read the reviews if you don’t believe me!

Pep Zin: Also known as zinc carnosine. AKA my RIDE OR DIE vitamin. Zinc Carnosine works to create a healthy stomach lining. This is for the person that frequent stomach aches or pain. A few years ago I had frequent and REALLY painful stomach aches. I went to see a digestive doctor and he told me I had gastritis. He prescribed me a bunch of prescription medication, anti-acids, over the counter stuff, and nothing worked. I prayed and prayed for an answer because I was completely miserable! I started doing my own research online and came across this gem. After taking this for about a week, the stomach pain went away and I have not had an issue since! Needless to say, there is not a day that goes by without me taking this!

Vitamin D3: Did you know that Vitamin D is ESSENTIAL and that the majority of people are deficient in it? You can get all the Vitamin D you need from the sunlight but for people that work inside that is pretty hard to do! I don’t spend enough time outside everyday so I started taking this every day a few years ago. I definitely noticed a difference when I started taking this Vitamin D3 supports your mood and makes you happy 🙂

Probiotics: Another life changing supplement 😉 I’ll try not to spend too much time on probiotics because I could go on and on. Long story short: everyone needs probiotics. However, a lot of probiotics that are sold are not make correctly, which makes them ineffective, so you have to know what to look for!I have tried TOO MANY probiotics in the past, and it was hit or miss whether or not they worked for me, so I did some research and learned a few things. One thing, the best probiotics contain at least 30 billion CFUs. This one on amazon checked all my boxes and worked really well for me. I would highly recommend!

Pink Stork Probiotics: This is a prenatal probiotic that I switched too since I’ve been pregnant. It is not as “strong” as the probiotic I was taking before but I really like it! Since I started taking it I definitely noticed a decrease in the morning sickness which has been wonderful.

Turmeric & Ginger: A natural anti-inflammatory. This stuff is really good if you work out regularly to keep the soreness and inflammation at a minimum!

Vitamin C: The most well known anti-oxidant, and for a good reason!  One of those vitamins you can definitely get from food but I don’t always eat as healthy as I should so I take this everyday! I double up on the dose if I feel like I am getting sick or am traveling on a plane.

Natures Vitality Calm Tea: I sometimes have trouble sleeping so I drink this most nights and I am telling you that it helps you sleep better! FYI, it has a weird taste so drink it quickly.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: One of the best proteins you can take. The research behind the benefits of collagen are pretty awesome! I have this almost every morning and feel WAY better all day than when I forget to take it! I love to put a scoop of this in my smoothie. My smoothie recipe and all its ingredients are a whole other post entirely!! 🙂

I know this seems like a lot, but this is just what works for me! My hope is that reading this might inspire you to add something good for you to your routine and see how it works for you. You might just find it life changing like me!

All my love,



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