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Why You NEED to Know Your Enneagram Type

Is there anyone else that just wants to chat over a glass of wine and analyze all the things?? I mean all the things. Yes, let’s talk about that co-worker that was so rude to you the other day. But let us take it a step further and talk about why they were probably having bad day. I mean let’s just discuss all of their strengths and weaknesses. Actually, let’s just try to figure out their entire life story while we are on the subject. Ha, if you can relate you need to keep reading (and meet me for happy hour). 

If you have heard of the Enneagram Test, you have probably seen something about it on social media because at the moment it is very much a trend on Instagram. But before you shut down, HEAR ME: This is so much more than a popular personality test!

Those who know me well know that Enneagram Types is something that I borderline obsessed with. A few years ago (before all of the Enneagram hype on social media) I took the Enneagram Test, and I literally would not stop talking about it. I would ask everyone to take it, and I mean literally everyone: Andrew (we were engaged at the time), co-workers, my parents, friends, family, neighbors, the cashier at Sephora, actually everyone! At the time it seemed like no-one was as excited as me, so I refrained from talking about it constantly. However, these days finding out your Enneagram Type is like the thing to-do (praise!) so LETS TALK ABOUT IT. 

Now keep in mind there are lots of Enneagram experts out there (and I am definitely not one of them!), but I’ll give you my version of the cliff notes: Essentially, the Enneagram is a system that is made up of nine different personality types and taking the Enneagram Test can help you figure out which one is your type. While you can have traits from all of the personalities, there is one that is closest to you, which is your basic personality type (You can read more about it here).

Finding out your Enneagram Type tells you the WHY behind the things that you do. It can explain why you just can’t get along with that one person in your life or why you have certain habits that you will never break! It can also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, achieve your goals (Type 3 over here;)), manage conflicts, understand your basic fears and desires, communicate effectively, etc. I mean I probably take this a tad too far, but for me, it seems to be the explanation to every single problem or situation in life! Lol! 

What I love most about this is that it allowed me to accept myself for who I truly am. I used to think things like: “I need to be more like that person” or “There must be something wrong with me for not wanting to go do that right now”. I remember when I first took the test and read the results I was like “Yes!! Omg I’m not crazy!! This is totally me and that’s just the way I am!!”

God created each one of us exactly the way we are on purpose and for a purpose.

It doesn’t matter how much I try, I am never going to be anything like that person that I think am supposed to be like, so I’ll just be me and not worry about it so much and be myself. I mean talk about freedom!! 

I am Type 3, which has its pros and cons like the rest of the personality types. Andrew is also a type 3 which is a good thing for the most part, but it is also so funny sometimes that we are the same type! The other day we were arguing having a conversation and I was like, “Andrew, you are being such a three right now because you are just trying to win!” Lol!

Anyway, there are plenty of free tests out there if you decided to take it (I like this test). Also, I love this site for learning more about Enneagram Types.

I’ll quickly mention this all-black look because I love it so much as we transition seasons! The tank keeps me cool, but the style of it paired with these black skinnies make it an easy outfit to take into fall. The pearl headband and snakeskin belt add the perfect amount of trend too, don’t you think?! All the outfit details are linked below!

All my love,


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