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his + her gifts with lululemon

With only a few days left before the big day, I am happy to let you know that all of these items ship free and will arrive at your doorstep by Christmas Eve.

Five days until Christmas, you guys. Five days until Christmas. Grab yourself a yummy cup of coffee and get comfy because this is a long one!

Out of all the gift guides I’ve shared over the past month, this might be my favorite yet: His + Her Gifts from Lululemon. Without fail, every year, you will find lululemon on our Christmas lists. To be completely transparent, lululemon is usually Andrew’s entire Christmas list (and birthday list). I even debated having Andrew write this post, ha! Instead, I made him asked him nicely to jump in these photos with me. Such a sweet + supportive husband, right?!

Andrew and I are both fans of lululemon because simply, we love how it makes us feel when we wear it! So we live in it. Andrew wears these pants every single day to the office and these pants on the weekend. You will always find me lounging in or running on the treadmill in these leggings, I am obsessed with their sports bras, and I LIVE in these shorts come summer!

We chose these outfits and pieces with gifts in mind, so let’s talk details so that you can finish up your last minute shopping!

Stand Out Sherpa 1/2 Zip

Stand Out Sherpa 1/2 Zip: I am obsessed with the oversized collar on this! It gives this Sherpa Fleece such a luxe look and the pockets are so warm. This is easily the coziest sweater I own and the length is PERFECT. Personally, I find that this Sherpa to make my everyday athleisure life feel a little more special 😉 True to size, I am wearing a size 4

In Movement Tight 25″ Everlux

In Movement Tight 25″ Everlux: The align pant has met its match, you guys! I shared my love for the align pant in THIS post, but I think like these more because you can work out in them! They feel like a second-skin just like the align, but the material is Everlux which makes these super flattering because it has a slight compression to it.

I purchased my first pair of these two years ago and I have worn and washed them ONE MILLION times since and they still look brand new because the Everlux material is durable! This material hides sweat marks, but still had four-way stretch so you will be the most comfortable! I’m 5″1′ and love the 25″ length. You can see these exact pants in a ton of other lengths HERE.

I’m obsessed with this new print which is very “leopard meets camo”. See the matching sports bra HERE. True to size, I am wearing a size 2

City Sweat Zip Hoodie Thermo

City Sweat Zip Hoodie Thermo: Okay this is one is on sale so go get this for your guy right now!! When Andrew first put on this jacket he was like, “Babe, this thing is awesome.” Then for the rest of the day he kept talking about how comfortable it was… and since then he literally has not stopped wearing it, Ha. I wish I could give Andrew the credit here, but I chose this one for him 😉

I picked it because it is a hoodie but LOOKS like it’s just a collared jacket from the front. Spoiler alert, but I just ordered this for him in the heathered grey, you need to see this jacket in the grey! True to size, Andrew is wearing a medium.

ABC Pant Classic Warpstreme

ABC Pant Classic Warpstreme: When I tell you that Andrew wears lululemon pants every single day, I mean Every. Single. Day.

Actually, let’s walk down memory lane for a minute and I’ll tell you the story behind these..

A few years ago when Andrew and I first moved in together I noticed that he would come home from work and change into his sweats, he would put all his work clothes in the hamper EXCEPT his pants. He would hang the pants that he WORE ALL DAY back up in the closet?? To some, this may seem standard. But I could NOT handle it… “Babe, you’ve been wearing those all day are you insane?! They need to go in the wash.” (#dramatic)

Apparently he was told that his pants would get worn out if he washed them every time he wore them. He made a fair point. So I asked around and did some research and eventually, we landed on these! I had to literally BEG him to try these because he “liked the pants he had.” WELL LET ME TO YOU! Since that day he agreed to try them, he now owns just about every color and wears them every single day! I’m convinced he should find a way to sell these on the side because he tells just about every guy who will listen how great these are.

Best part: they get washed every time he wears them! Ha, and they still look brand new. They never wrinkle so they don’t need to be ironed or steamed. Just throw them in the dryer with everything else and they are ready to wear. True to size, Andrew is wearing a size 31 in the waist.

In the photos he is wearing the ABC Pant Classic, which he usually wears on the weekends. He wears Commission Pant Slim to the office because they look like dress pants, except you can work out in them!

I hope you have a joyful, merry weekend! 🙂

All my love,


This post was created in a collaboration with lululemon. All selections and opinions are my own!

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