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Top 10 from 2019

Sweater | Jeans | Belt | Boots |Sunglasses | Hat

Yesterday Andrew and I went out to exchange a few Christmas presents (lululemon was PACKED!) and we ended up having the best talk about 2020 goals. We stopped for lunch at our favorite place (they have the best crab dip!) and talked about what we want 2020 to look like. While we are both ready to Mari Kondo our entire life, we wouldn’t be fully ready for it unless we recapped 2019.

So, today’s post is a little bit of everything. From amazon sweaters to new lipstick formulas, here are 10 favorites that 2019 brought us!

1. The Amazon Sweater – Out of all the Amazon try-ons from 2019, this sweater was the top-selling Amazon product! It’s under $25, one size fits all, and THE softest sweater you will ever find! I shared it in THIS post and the full try on is saved to my story highlights here.

2. Leopard Chairs – I WISH I could tell you that decorating this house was easy but for some reason, it has been so hard for me! The layout of our living room/ kitchen makes it the hardest room to style because it’s not an “open concept” like our last home. So after buying and returning three sets of chairs, I could not be more thrilled with these neutral leopard chairs. They just feel like ME and are so comfortable!

3. Loopy Case – If you have a cell phone with an oversized screen you need this! I recently traded out my iPhone 8 Plus for the 11 Pro MAX and while I love both phones, I literally can’t hold either of them without this case because they are too big for my hand. These cases will make your phone more functional and comfortable to use than you ever imagined, I promise! The “loop” is super comfy and adjustable so you can customize how tight you want it. It will be the best $39 you spend, and you can use code ONELOVEBYALEX for 10% off your entire order!

4. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 – I am wholeheartedly convinced that this is the best lipstick formula to ever exist. Basically, if a liquid lipstick and lip blam got married and had a baby, this would be it! This lipstick is long-lasting but hydrating, so it will NEVER dry out your lips as many long-wear lipsticks can. It has the most beautiful cashmere-soft finish which will make you never want to wear anything else!

5. Ilse of Paradise– My obsession with these tanning drops is still going strong! It’s the only self-tanner I have been using because I love that I can just add this to my normal routine without having to take an hour to self-tan. It leaves a noticeable and natural-looking color on your skin and it’s impossible to mess it up. I shared all the details you will ever need to know about in this blog post!

6. TULA Eye Balm – Grateful that TULA brought us this eye balm in 2019 because it does what most eye creams can’t. Eye cream can’t get rid of dark circles because for the most part, dark circles are based on hereditary genes and sleep. However, the TULA eye balm has caffeine to “depuff” and rosehip oil for a brightening effect that WILL lessen the appearance of dark circles. On application, it feels “cool” under your eye area and you will literally FEEL it working. If you start using it I am telling you will begin to crave this feeling! Use my code ALEXSTOUT to get an additional 20% off of this eye balm and anything else from Tula. Grab one of their holiday kits for up to 60% off!

7. Monat Shampoo– I have a full hair care routine blog post coming in January where I will go into more detail about this, but I have to mention it in this post because it is my personal favorite product that I found this year. Before I found Brittany, my hair was dyed twice within 24 hours which turned it to STRAW because it was overprocessed. I tried everything you guys, and nothing made a difference. Still straw. I was convinced my hair was forever damaged. So as a last resort I tried Monat because I had heard things about it that seemed too good to be true! Well, in short, it fixed my hair. This shampoo and hair mask FIXED it. I actually love how my hair feels now. To be completely transparent with you, I literally HATE how much I love this stuff, Ha! Don’t get me wrong, there are so many amazing beauty brands that create quality haircare products. At this point, I feel like I have tried ALL of them and nothing even comes close to this you guys. It literally blows me away every single time I use it and I am so grateful I found it!

8. T3 Curling Iron– This will also be in the hair care blog post! I was skeptical about this curling iron because I didn’t understand why everyone made such a big deal about it. Well, I was hooked from the second I tried it because it literally gives you the most smooth and shiny curls! The T3 Tourmaline and ceramic literally seal the cuticle to produce that salon-level shine. Once you try it you’ll be like “ohhhhh, okay I get it now”.

9. New lululemon prints– the new prints that lululemon released this year were my favorite ever! I’ve been wearing lululemon for years and I swear by it, so being able to share them with you was a DREAM. An actual DREAM! See the full posts here and here.

10. Unshakeable– If you’re looking for a new devotional for 2020 you need to read this! 2019 was honestly the hardest year I have ever had. I NEEDED this reminder that God is with us, which makes us unshakable. While you will feel challenged when you read it, it’s an easy read so you will look forward to reading it.

Have you made your “new year list” yet? I’ll be sharing mine this week after NYE. Talk to you next year! 🙂

All my love,


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