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New Beauty Products I’m Loving

Thankfully we’re able to start going out more now, but for the past few months, I was looking in every direction for entertainment, ha. I get antsy if I watch too much T.V. and I DEFINITELY can’t handle one more DIY project (I’ve painted enough furniture to last me a lifetime!). But give me an hour to play with makeup and I’m the happiest girl! Not just makeup- a new hair product tends to do the trick too;)

So from an eyelash serum to a new foundation for summer, here are a few recent beauty products that I love with a capital-L!


I’m pretty consistent with every product in my life EXCEPT shampoo + conditioner, ha. But I do this intentionally! I find when I rotate shampoos I get the best results.

I’ve been using the entire Olaplex system once a week and to be honest- when I wash my hair with this it’s always my favorite hair day! I always start with the Olaplex No.3 (hair mask for 30 minutes) and then follow with No.4 Shampoo + No.5 Conditioner. Once I’m out of the shower, I apply a nickel-size amount of the No.6 Bond Smoother and dime-size amount of the No. 7 hair oil. You can get all of these products from Amazon Prime and everything is under $30!

TIP: Shampoo your hair twice! With every shampoo, I always “rinse + repeat”. This will leave your hair so light and clean, I promise!

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

I’ve tried every single eyelash serum out there and this is HANDS DOWN the best one I’ve ever used. THE. BEST. ONE. The results have just been so fast! I’ve been using it for a little over a month and I’ve never experienced any redness or irritation, and my eyelashes look great! I only have to apply one coat of mascara now, which is amazing because I used to have to apply 3-4 coats.

TIP: Add this to your evening routine before you go to sleep. I leave this right next to my toothbrush so I never forget!

Hourglass Foundation Stick

This foundation sold out in almost every share during the Sephora spring sale (see my exact Sephora order HERE). It’s the foundation that everyone is obsessing over and I have to tell you- I kinda love it! While I do think the coverage is great, I mostly love how it never makes a mess. I just swipe it on, blend, and I’m done without one bit of foundation on my fingers (or countertop). Once we start traveling again, I love that I will be able to throw it in my makeup bag knowing that it is spill-free.

TIP: Blend it out with a foundation brush. I know a damp beauty sponge is the thing to do, but I find that this foundation applies so much easier/better with a brush instead.

Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum

Every skincare expert will tell you that Vitamin C is one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market. I added in this Vitamin C Serum to my skincare routine a few months ago and I’ve been loving the results. My skin is definitely more hydrated, and I’ve noticed that my dark spots have faded SIGNIFICANTLY. If you struggle with dark spots from the sun damage or acne scars, then a Vitamin C Serum is worth the investment. Use it in the morning after you cleanse and before moisturizer for the best results!

TIP: It’s SUPER important to apply an SPF with a Vitamin C Serum! This protects your skin and allows the Vitamin C Serum to work it’s best.

Tula SPF + Face Filter Primer

Speaking of SPF… I can’t get enough of this one and I’m low-key obsessed with this product combo. This SPF was an April AND May Top Seller and I promise once you try it you’ll understand why!

The face filter primer was recently released in a double-sized amount (which saves you 20%) AND you can use my discount code for an additional 15% off. Double the product, double the glow 😉 Personally, I love the double-size since I wear it every day and go through it so fast, but I’ll link both sizes of the primer below!

TIP: for the prettiest no-makeup days, apply this with the face filter primer and you will be obsessed with your skin.

My discount is code is ALEXSTOUT for 15% off

By the way! I’ve been getting lots of self-tanner questions since I shared my self-tanner routine. So I’ll share a post soon rounding up my favorite self-tanners products at different price points.

I hope you have a great start to your week!

All my love,


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