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Hospital Bag Checklist- What You Really Need

This post is dedicated to all the beautiful future mamas. I am so excited for you.

Okay, we’ve seen this post done many times on the internet, but I’m here to tell you what you REALLY need in your hospital bag. When I was pregnant I was OBSESSED with reading these posts. I then created a five-page color-coded list in my planner that I took everywhere with me in case I thought of something I needed to add to it. I clearly took this whole thing a little too far. 😉 You don’t need to do that, I did it for you! Lol!

I considered writing the post while I was still pregnant and sharing what I was planning on bringing with me. But considering I am a first-time mom, I really had no room to give advice! Ha! Now that I have been through it, I thought it might be helpful to share a list of what I brought, and what you actually need! Most importantly, I would say to bring lots of clothes for YOU! Trust me, you will not want to wear a hospital robe the entire time. We spent three nights in the hospital (almost 4 days!) and I would have been miserable if I didn’t have normal clothes to wear. Putting on comfortable clothes that are yours will make you feel so good! (And your baby will love to smell clothes that smell like you too!)

I’ve divided this list up into four different categories to make it less overwhelming 🙂 Also, I am sharing a “Dad list” for dad. AKA not for you to pack for him. So just hand that list to him if he wants recommendations on what to bring; you have enough to do already!


  • Matching robe and Swaddle for baby – These were a gift and I wore this Day 1! Soo cute for pictures, and it comes with the cutest bow too! Thank you, Marcy!! 🙂
  • Comfortable dress & cardigan- I wore this day 2 when people came to visit! You want something easy for nursing, comfortable, loose and soft! THIS dress is perfect and comes in tons of colors
  • Comfy PJs- I wore THIS in the hospital and still wear it at home! So soft you guys! Also brought and wore THESE. Both are great for nursing.
  • Wireless nursing bras– These are so comfy! You’ll want all the comfy for the hospital
  • Going home outfit- I wore leggings, my favorite top, & sneakers
  • Sandals– you can wear in the shower (Trust me you’ll want that!)
  • Slippers & socks- These slippers are my favorite! Still, wear them all the time!
  • Makeup– This not a necessity, total preference with no pressure because not one person will expect you to wear makeup the entire time you’re there! Personally, I am so glad I had a few products with me because putting on a little makeup made me feel good and little more like myself! If you decide to do your makeup keep it simple. See THIS post for an easy daytime makeup routine!
  • Hair- I never did my hair, and definitely didn’t have the energy to wash it! Lol! I ended up just using dry shampoo (THIS one is the best. Try the mini size, great for travel! ), my favorite hair-ties, and a hairbrush. I would still bring shampoo & conditioner just in case!
  • Earth Mama Nipple Butter– This stuff is amazing. Now I use it on my cuticles in between manicures! Lol!
  • Skincare: Facewash & Moisturizer was all I had the energy for, but I am so glad I took a minute to do that twice a day. THIS is the travel kit I brought with me
  • Toiletries- Toothbrush, Paste, Floss, Mouthwash, Deodorant, Body Lotion


  • Going home outfit– We ordered one from Etsy similar to THIS
  • Onesie– This is the one I am holding in the pictures and it is the best! We got the one as a gift and it is amazing. The material is made from bamboo which makes it SO soft! I will 100% be ordering more!
  • Diaper bag– It’s no secret I am obsessed with our diaper bag you can read the full review HERE
  • Nursing pillow– I loved this one and even though I am not nursing anymore I still use it to feed Ava! The little pocket is so convenient for your water, cell phone, etc.
  • Carseat– This is the one we have and I AM OBSESSED!! Andrew thinks I should reach out to this company and ask them if I can work full time for their sales team because all I do is tell people about how great it is. Lol! It’s the best!
  • Baby blanket for in the car going home
  • Pacifier– This is the one thing we did not bring but I wish so badly we did because you need this for the car ride home! Your child will HATE that car seat the first time they get in it if you don’t give them a pacifier. Every lactation consultant will tell you not to give the baby a pacifier. I really have no idea why because your child will be fine and your life will be so much easier with a pacifier! Lol! Give them a pacifier so you’re not crying because they are screaming the entire ride home. Learn from my mistakes, and just trust me.


  • 2 Changes of clothes / boxers / socks / shoes
  • Sweats and hoodie / pajamas
  • Shirt for pictures- Either a button-down or polo
  • Toiletries: Toothbursh, deodorant, etc.
  • Sheets, pillow, and blanket for the pull out couch- highly recommend!

Important Extras

  • Luggage– Andrew and I each had our own small carry-on with wheels. I really have no idea why so many people use a duffel bag. It is SO much easier to just wheel this in because the walk from the car to the hospital room might be far! THIS is the Calpak set (on sale!) I have and love. Oh, and THESE packing cubes are the best thing since sliced bread.
  • Phone charger with an extension cord– Andrew bought me this extra long extension cord to take with us and I am so glad he did! They are the best!
  • Camera & Ipad- if you have them!
  • Paperwork- Pediatrician information, Insurance card, ID, etc.
  • Snacks- SO glad I had this when I was in labor. This is great BEFORE you have the baby and you are stuck in the room and can’t order any food! Lol! Protein bars, gummy bears, trail mix, chewing gum.

What you pack will make the biggest difference in the level of comfort throughout your entire stay! Let’s be honest, there is nothing comfortable about having a baby! Ha, so pack well and make it as comfortable as possible!

All my love,


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